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Best Immigration Consultants in Chandigarh. AKKAM has met the high standards expected by our clients and has successfully placed the acquired skills of our clients in a highly competitive and acceptable way. It is a privately owned registered company and aims in solving immigration needs of clients all over the world with a depth of experience and with the overall goal of meeting our client's needs in a timely and professional way.An established and officially recognised immigration and student visa consulting firm expert in acquiring - skills, family, Business Visa, Student Visa and Permanent Residence Visas. We have a success rate of close to 100%. one of the highest in the industry. Our qualified team is committed to establish a reputation based on trust. We pride ourselves in offering a responsive customised service while maintaining the highest possible standards of professionalism, confidentiality, integrity and dedication to client service.Best Immigration Consultants in Chandigarh.


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WHAT IS ADMISSION CONSULTING Admission consulting is the counselling services offered to the student applying to improve their chances of getting admitted in to their desired universities. The service ranges from evaluating a students profile suggesting the universities/schools to which they can apply writing and editing sop/essay to conducting mock interviews as a preparation for admission interviews. Providing time line for GRE/GMAT tests career counselling. ADVANTAGES OF ADMISSION CONSULTING 1. Expert Advice. 2. Personal Attention. 3. Better Chances to get University admissions. 4. Knowledge about Application Scholarship Financial Aid and Interview process. 5. Customized SOP and Essay Preparation.

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AKKAM OFFERINGS IN CONSULTING. 1. Student Profiling 2. Short listing of Universities 3. Guidance in university Application 4. Assisting in LOR SOP Other Application Essays Editing. 5. Scholarship Assistance 6. Admission Interview PreparationFor MBA 7. Visa Application Guidance 8. Pre –departure Orientation

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ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENTS WHAT ALL IS INCLUDED IN ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENTS. 1. Class X Transcripts 2. Class XII Transcripts 3. Bachelors degree Transcripts 4. Others WHAT IS PERCENTAGE/CGPA Students who so ever have done their bachelors/masters degree would receive their academic degree from the respective universities in terms of percentage/CGPA.which includes their semester wise records with no of backlogs percentage which stream they are from and etc.

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ACADEMICS GPA GRADE POINT AVERAGE  Universities in US follow GPA System on a 4.0 Scale for the Academic Evaluation Process. Rest of the world follow either Grading System or Percentage. Anything above 3.0 GPA is considered to be a good score.  GPA is widely acceptable grading system for evaluation Some Universities in abroad require your degree Evaluation to be done before your application gets processed.  Most of the Universities for MS in US would ask for the GPA conversion through independent bodies like WES..

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CONVERSION CHART 3 GPA and Above is considered to be a good score PERCENTAGE CGPA 10SCALE GPA 4 SCALE 80.8 8.5 4 76.0-79.8 8.0-8.4 3.7 71.3-75.1 7.5-7.9 3.3 66.5-70.3 7.0-7.4 3 61.8-65.6 6.5-6.9 2.7 57.0-60.8 6.0-6.4 2.3 52.3-56.1 5.5-5.9 2 47.5-51.3 5.0-5.4 1.7 42.8-46.6 4.5-4.9 1.3 38.0-41.8 4.0-4.4 1 0-37.1 0-3.9 0

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ACADEMICS GPA RANGES GPA RANGE COLLEGE CATEGORIES 3.5-4.0 TOP TIER-1 3.0-3.5 TIER 1 2 2.5-3.0 TIER 2 3 2.0-2.5 TIER 3 4 subject to change based on other constraints . 3.5 Above Good Score 3.0--3.5 Decent score 2.5--3.0 Average score 2.0--2.5 Below Average 2.0-2.5 TIER 3 4

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TEST SCORES GMAT RANGE B SCHOOL CATEGORIES 700-740 ABOVE TOP TIER 1 670-700 TIER 1 2 630-670 TIER 2 3 590-630 TIER 3 590 BELOW TIER 4 subject to change based on other constraints GRE RANGE GRAD COLLEGES CATEGORIES 330 ABOVE TOP TIER 1 325-330 TIER 1 315-325 TIER 1 2 300-315 TIER 2 3 300 BELOW TIER 3 4 subject to change based on other constraints

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ACADEMIC BACKLOGS BACKLOGSIMPACT OF BACKLOGS 1. Backlogs always have a negative impact stating that the students is not well organized with his/her studies These backlogs will always create havoc in the admission process. 2. Student Should clear all the backlogs before applying to the universities. 3. Students with min number of backlogssay 2--3 backlogs can target for top Universities how ever need to check with the universities before applying. If the student doesnt want to take chance in applying for Top universities we can suggest these students with average UniversitiesTo make sure that student does not fall under any risk 4. Students with more than 5 backlogs and above should always look for Tier- 2/Tier-3 universities if he/she is demonstrating a strong extra curricular activities Test scores Publications work exp etc... can target applying for Tier-1 universities alsoWhich would be considered as a Dream University 5. Students with more than 10 backlogs and above should always look for Tier-3/Tier-4 universities if he/she is demonstrating a strong extra curricular activities Test scores Publications work exp etc... can target applying for Tier-2 universities.

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Hyderabad: Office No: 6-3-1191-1196 2 nd Floor Brij Tarang Above Mebaz Showroom Beside White House Kundanbagh Begumpet. Landline : 040-40198115/ 40178116 Mobile : +91 7207601601 +91 7207602602 Chandigarh Office Address Address : 139-140 2nd Floor Sector-9 c Madhya Marg Chandigarh - 160009 India Landline : 0172 - 4191191 Mobile : +91 7087479000

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