F B lobby screen June 2008

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Open daily from 06:30 to midnight Serving Power buffet breakfast! See you there! Experience Olympic Excellence!

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Business Lunch Buffet daily (Monday to Saturday) Great value! Mezzanine Floor Experience Olympic Excellence!

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Any Plans for Dinner? Best Greek Food in Town! Mezzanine Floor Taste it tonight!

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Great View Great Food Great Drinks Experience Olympic Excellence!

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Make your reservation now, right here! Our award winning, fully air-conditioned Polynesian Restaurant with Sushi Bar and Tepan Yaki. Open daily, except Sundays, from 19:00 to 02:00 Lower Lobby Level

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The home of the famous Mai Tai Mondays to Wednesdays 2 – for - 1 Happy hour all night long!

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Great snacks for any time of the day! Along with some very special Single Malt Whiskies & Cognacs daily 11:00 to 01:30h Experience Olympic Excellence!

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Your WEDDING in best hands! We are delighted to serve your guests!

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Meetings are your Success! We will be there for you! Experience Olympic Excellence!

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Experience Olympic Excellence!

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