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GPU Numbering:

GPU Numbering

AMD GPU Numbering:

AMD GPU Numbering


AMD 1 st Number Generation The higher, the newer


AMD 2 nd Number Performance Class Higher, Higher Performance Most Important Digit


AMD 3 rd Number Refined Performance Indicator Sub-Class, Inner-Class Higher, Higher Performance


AMD 4 th Number  Usually 0 


AMD HD 4850 vs HD 5450 HD 5 450 is newer than HD 4 850 HD 4 8 50 is powerful than HD 5 4 50 http://www.hwcompare.com/399/radeon-hd-4850-512mb-vs-radeon-hd-5450/ http:// gpuboss.com/gpus/Radeon-HD-5450-vs-Radeon-HD-4850

nVidia GPU Numbering:

nVidia GPU Numbering


nVidia 1 st Number Generation The higher, the newer


nVidia 2 nd Number Performance Class Higher, Higher Performance Most Important Digit


nVidia 3 rd Number  Usually 0 


nVidia GS < GT < GTS < GTX G or GS - The standard video cards with core clocks that are not high and are made to keep a minimum performance GT - Slightly higher core clocks and possibly more onboard memory than the GS, It is mainly a budget performance card GTS - Includes possibly more onboard ram and higher than average core clocks possibly more pixel shaders or pipelines to increase performance GTX - Has the most memory of the group and higher clocks than all previous also includes more pixel pipelines and usually outperforms the GTS by atleast 10-15 percent


nVidia GeForce GT 420 vs GTX 295 GT 4 20 is newer than GTX 2 95 GTX 2 9 5 is powerful than GT 4 2 0 http://www.hwcompare.com/6794/geforce-gt-420-vs-geforce-gtx-295/ http:// gpuboss.com/gpus/GeForce-GTX-295-vs-GeForce-GT-420

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M M usually used to indicate Mobile Used in Notebook Video Controllers

Difference: AMD vs nVidia:

Difference: AMD vs nVidia AMD uses 3 numbers ( 667 0) nVidia uses 2 numbers and Letters (G T 65 0)

Compare GPUs:

Compare GPUs http:// www.hwcompare.com http:// www.gpureview.com /show_cards.php http:// gpuboss.com/compare-gpus http:// www.videocardbenchmark.net

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