03. The Generations of Computer History


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Generations of Computer History. දෘඩාංග, පරිගණක


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Generation of Computers:

Generation of Computers Based on the characteristics of various computers developed from time to time, they are categorized as generation of computers.

First Generation Computers:

First Generation Computers Time Period : 1951 to 1959 Technology : Vacuum Tubes Size : Very Large System Processing : Very Slow Characterized By:- Magnetic Drums Magnetic Tapes Difficult to program Used machine language & assembly language First Generation Computers

Second Generation Computers:

Second Generation Computers Time Period : 1959 to 1963 Technology : Transistors Size : Smaller Processing : Faster Characterized By:- Magnetic Cores Magnetic Disk Used high level language Easier to program Second Generation Computers

Third Generation Computers:

Third Generation Computers Time Period : 1963 to 1975 Technology : ICs (Integrated Circuits) Incorporated many transistors & electronic circuits on a single chip Size : Small as compared to 2nd generation computers Processing : Faster then 2nd generation computers Characterized by:- Minicomputers accessible by multiple users from remote terminals. IC (Integrated Circuit)

Fourth Generation Computers:

Fourth Generation Computers Time Period : 1975 to Today Technology : VLSI (Very Large Scale Integration) Incorporated many millions of transistors & electronic circuits on a single chip Size : Small as compared to first generation computer Processing : Faster then first generation computer Characterized by: The personal computer and user friendly micro-programs, very fast processor chip high level language, OOP (Object Oriented Programming) VLSI (Very Large Scale Integration)

Fifth Generation Computers:

Fifth Generation Computers Time Period : Future Technology Technology : AI (Artificial Intelligence) Fifth Generation Computer AI (Artificial Intelligence)



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