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THis ppt is about Time management in HR.


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Time Management - 1

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The Time Management component offers us support in performing the Planning, Recording and Evaluation of employees’ time data by: Creating work schedules. Creating attendance, absence types. Creating quotas. Quota accrual. Objective

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Procedure for recording actual times:- Automatic Recording – Front-end time recording system, uploaded and proceed in SAP Time evaluation. Manual Recording - Recorded in Attendances IT 2002.

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The work schedule is based on a valid public holiday calendar

Break Schedules : 

Fixed breaks: These are defined for a certain time period and can only be used by employees during this period of time. Variable breaks: These are taken during a specific time interval. Employees themselves determine the start and end of the break taken within this time interval. Dynamic Breaks: Employees are entitled to breaks after working a certain number of hours. Break Schedules

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