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Starfish (seastars):

Starfish (seastars) Ashlyn Keller 4 th Hr Mcelveen 12/10/10

Classification of a starfish:

Classification of a starfish Kingdom: *animala Phylum: *echinoderma Class: *asteoidea Order: *valvatia Family: *Oreasteridae Genus: *oreastar Species: *reticulatus

Were the starfish lives/map::

Were the starfish lives/map: The starfish lives in the ocean/sea.



Diet and eating habits:

Diet and eating habits Eating: *mussels *sponges *coral *sea worms *clams Diet: *algae *organic detritus

Habitat and distribution :

Habitat and distribution Habitat: *bottom of sea *coral *holes in rocks in coral reefs Distribution: *Ectoderm *grow up to 24 legs *eyes on legs *mouth in center of body

Predators and defenses::

Predators and defenses: Predators: *mussel *clam Defenses: *spiny thorns *poisonous(some)


Behaviors: Food: *fights for food *sends of signals Usual: *move slow mating: *show off to get male/female * fight for male/female


Adaptations Covered with a coat that lets them camouflage with ease Body that lets water run through them easily Spiny thorns on body

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