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0.414R G A P 20 mm CG X Y e’ c’ d’ b’ a’ p’ g’ b c a p,g d e b c a p,g d e Problem 13 : A semicircle of 100 mm diameter is suspended from a point on its straight edge 30 mm from the midpoint of that edge so that the surface makes an angle of 45 0 with VP. Draw its projections. First draw a given semicircle With given diameter, Locate it’s centroid position And join it with point of suspension . 1.In this case the plane of the figure always remains perpendicular to Hp . 2.It may remain parallel or inclined to Vp. 3.Hence TV in this case will be always a LINE view. 4.Assuming surface // to Vp, draw true shape in suspended position as FV. (Here keep line joining point of contact & centroid of fig. vertical ) 5.Always begin with FV as a True Shape but in a suspended position. AS shown in 1 st FV. IMPORTANT POINTS DESIGNED BY : AKASH SOOD M.I.T.M. (GWL.)

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