Security Officers Vs Security Guards

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Security Officers Vs Security Guards:

Security Officers V s Security Guards


Security guards and security officers are often confused to be the same person. This is not true. The job profile, duties and training procedure of both differ from one another. An interesting comparison of both the professionals in the safety field and their duties would throw light on the truth.


Security Officers Security officers are seniors under whom safety guard work for. The protection officer job requires rigid training to use weapons efficiently. They are also trained to handle the emergency situation in an effective and organized manner in short notice of time. Protection officers are trained to handle emergency issues like terrorism.


Security officers lead a team of safety guards in protecting places like banks, museums, schools, colleges and shopping malls. Protection officer job is trusted with one who has been certified after passing through many fitness and IQ tests. Only experienced people could be protection officers, unlike safety guards where inexperience is not an issue.


Security Guards The security guard stands alert in a fixed position to protect life and property from anti-social elements. Safety guards are employed both in corporate offices and residences. These guards maintain a journal on the visitors to the office. A person employed in safety guard job is well-trained to identify suspicious people.


Safety guards are usually taught to handle metal detectors and CCTV. At the residential level of safety guard job, they help in building maintenance in both apartments and independent houses like switching on the motor and guiding plumbers or electricians around the house. This is an important part of their duties.


Safety Guards are employed in schools too, where the safety guard job demands fine memory for faces. They are required to have good communication skills. These safety guards are the uniformed staff of the company or private residences.


Differences between Security Guards and Security Officers Security guards stand at a fixed position whereas protection officers are more mobile during their duties. The duties of the safety guard are limited. The protection officer, on the other hand, has elaborate tasks and responsibilities.


While safety guard has minimum training, protection officers have elaborate training for their extensive duties and responsibilities.


While safety guards do not need any qualifications to be recruited, protection officers require certain qualifications. Men from the armed forces or Police department are easily preferred for the post of protection officers.


However, on a concluding note, both security guard job and security officer job should be entrusted to candidates qualified with a license.


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