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Akal Eye Hospital is a chain of super specialty eye hospitals and best eye specialists in Punjab. We offer cost effective LASIK eye surgery, Cataract treatment & eye care solutions.


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Benefits of Choosing Low Cost Lasik Eye Surgery in India Laser eye Surgery is an extremely effective treatment method to correct various vision problems of the eye. Laser eye surgical treatments involve using a fine beam of high-frequency laser light to perform delicate surgeries of the eye. Laser surgery are usually safer than normal eye surgeries as it minimizes the risks of infections that spread inside the eyes. LASIK stands for laser in-situ Keratomileusis is a most commonly performed laser eye surgery used to correct vision related problems like nearsightedness farsightedness or have astigmatism. LASIK surgery involves using a high-frequency laser beam to treat the deformities on the surface of the eye lens that helps improve vision. Best suited for people with an active lifestyle. LASIK Eye Treatment LASIK Surgery is done while the patient is under local anesthesia in the form of eye drops and usually takes about 10 minutes to finish. Some patients may also demand mild sedation. During a LASIK eye surgery advice called a microkeratome or fem to second laser is used to create a thin flap inside the cornea. The cornea is then peeled back and the primary corneal tissue is restructured using another laser device. After the cornea is reshaped it allows for proper light focus onto the retina the cornea flap is put back into original place and the surgery is completed. You will be given additional drops and your eye will be covered for protection. Your vision will possibly be a little blur initially and will be fine in a day or two. Advantages of LASIK Eye Surgery 1. It is one of the best methods for correcting vision. 96 of patients have gained the desired vision after LASIK surgery. 2. Corrected vision can be seen soon after the surgery or a day after LASIK is done. 3. There is no requirement of bandages or stitches after LASIK. 4. Most patients experience a dramatic decrease in eyeglass or contact lens need and several patients stop using eyeglasses after surgery. 5. No injections. 6. No prolonged medicines are required. 7. Completely an outpatient procedure. 8. Treatment is completed within 10 minutes 9. Daily routine activities can be resumed the next day after surgery. 10. It is a Permanent once in life time eye surgery. 11. Least possible recurrence of power. Low Cost LASIK Eye Surgery in India

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1. A leading medical tourism destination. 2. Availability of all kinds of medical treatments for various Eye ailments. 3. State-of-the-art medical facilities and advanced infrastructures. 4. Excellent Healthcare providers. 5. Network of best hospitals Doctors Ophthalmologists and Surgeons 6. 24/7 support staff available in the hospitals to take care before after surgery. 7. Accommodation at 5 7star Hotels and other economic options along with easy availability of transportation. LASIK Eye Surgery in India with Akal Eye Hospital LASIK Eye surgery is available at low cost in India and is performed by expert eye surgeons. Easy availability of outstanding medical treatments along with the best eye surgeons has made India a potential destination for all kinds of Laser surgery including LASIK Surgery. Laser surgery done in India is at much lower cost compared to other countries. Finding the right hospital for your laser eye surgery can be a difficult task as India has numerous eye hospitals and clinics that are well equipped and have skilled and well trained doctors and support staff.

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