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Akai Metal (India) is a dynamic group, which was established over two decades ago to cater to growing demands of stainless steel, iron and steel raw materials. To get more info: http://akaimetal.com/about/


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WELCOME TO Akai metal We take the pleasure to introduce over selves as one the largest Importers, Exporters , Stockist and Suppliers in Mumbai, we are an ISO 9001:2008 certified company.  Akai Metal (India)   has tied up with one of the best manufacturers of steel in order to supply high quality & testified material/products to our customers at competitive rates .


Akai Metal (India) is a dynamic group, which was established over two decades ago to cater to growing demands of stainless steel, iron and steel raw materials. We have a team of young visionaries who end eavour for excellence in every aspect related to our products. As importers, exporter, dealers & stockists with huge stocks Akai Metal (India) become within one of the most reliable source for quality within a short span. Our aim is to provide our buyers with everything in stainless steel under one roof viz. Akai Metal (India) . OUR VISION OUR MOTTO To become an enterprising organization in the field of Ferrous & Non ferrous products. To be known more for our quality of products and excellent service. Maintaining an uncompromising attitude towards quality of our products, service back-up. To provide quality products at reasonable price as per schedule and maintain good relationship with the best people in steel business. ABOUT US Akai metal


Round Bar Hex and square bar Flat bar Forge bar Billets bar Shafting Angle Channel Strips Stainless Steel Sheets Stainless Steel Pipes Coupling Nipples Nuts Bolt Bolts Screws Washers OUR PRODUCTS FASTENERS Akai metal


Our key directive is complete customer satisfaction. We provide our customers with product and services that confirm to all requirements. We develop quality objectives at appropriate level to ensure those requirements are effectively addressed in our business. We are fully committed to continuous improvement as a strategic approach to achieve these quality objectives. Our policy and associated quality objectives are reviewed and communicated to all employees on a regular basis QUALITY Akai metal Akai metal Akai metal Akai metal


Stainless Steel Hex and Square Bar are annealed and cold drawn, where the size is measured from flat side to flat side. 316 Stainless Steel offers improved corrosion and pitting resistance as well as improved strength at higher temperatures then the 304 alloy. It can be formed and readily welded by all methods and is a non-rusting, non-magnetic, Chrome-Nickel Alloy. Stainless Steel Hex and Square Bar Akai metal


Metric Carbon Steel Hex Bar is available in variety of sizes and grades. Carbon steel bar is stocked in flat, hex, round and square. Steel is commonly considered carbon steel when no minimum content is specified for any alloying element (for example, aluminum, chromium, nickel, molybdenum, vanadium, etc.) or any other element added to obtain a desired alloy effect. The manganese does not exceed 1.65%, the specified minimum for copper in not below .40% or exceed .60% and silicon does not exceed .60%. Metric Carbon Steel Hex Bar Akai metal


Our stainless steel flat bars are crafted from the finest grade raw material to ensure not just a superior, lasting finish and appearance, but also to significantly improve the reliability as well as longevity of the product. We at Akai Metal are very conscious about maintaining a consistency in the quality of every product. Using sophisticated testing and inspection equipment and a strict protocol for adherence of norms, we are able to churn out batch after batch of nearly flawless volumes of flat bars. These come in varying thickness and width, depending upon individual specifications received from the customer. Flat bar Stainless and Alloy Steel Akai metal


This is a solid piece of D-2 steel. D-2 is a high-carbon tool steel, capable of holding a sharp edge for a long period of time. It is also much more resistant to corrosion than 1095. D-2 is called “semi-stainless”, because it offers more stainless properties than high carbon steels, but it is also much tougher than stainless steels. D-2 has high wear-resistance and abrasion-resistance properties. This billet is serious blade-making material that will work well for hunting and fishing. It can be easily sharpened at home or in the field, and will hold an edge very well. This billet arrives in an annealed (softened) state. It has not yet been heat treated so it is easier to cut. Heat treatment is required so that your final knife will hold a long lasting, sharp edge. Billets bar Stainless & Alloy Steel Akai metal


Akai Metal is one of the largest exporter, manufacturer and supplier of Nuts in India. In uses where vibration or rotation may possibly work as a nut loose, dissimilar locking devices may perhaps be in exertion: lockwire or Safety pins, Nylon inserts, Adhesives, or oval-shaped threads in some measure. These Nuts are comparatively for all the time used contradictory as a mating bolt to link a heap of constituents as one. A nut is a category of fastener in the company of having a threaded hole. The two collaborators are kept together here by a combination of their threads resistance, a minor elongate of the bolt, and determination of the mechanisms . Nuts Akai metal


104, ArdeshirDady Str., Natwar House,1st Floor, Mumbai : 400 004.(India). +91-8169110910/7738970760/9167989177 akaimetal@yahoo.com akaimetal@vsnl.net OR VISIT US ON www.akaimetal.com CONTACT US Akai metal


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