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Ancient Egypt WebQuest : 

Ancient Egypt WebQuest All About Ancient Egypt By: Amanda Johnson EDUC 500 Dr. Lee

Introduction : 

Introduction Students will work together with a partner to research different aspects of Ancient Egypt, synthesize the information, and create a flip book.

Task : 

Task Working with a partner students will research and share knowledge of some of the important facts and information that they have learned about Ancient Egypt by creating a flip book.

Process : 

Process With your partner decide who is going to be the expert for each topic (page in the flip book) Geography Language and Communication Politics and Government Mummification and the Afterlife

Process Continued : 

Process Continued You will need first need to download and print the facts sheet and report pages. Next you will need to visit the websites and record facts and important information you would like to include in your flip book on your facts sheet.

Evaluation : 

Evaluation You will be evaluated on the follow items: Contents of the Flip Book Creativity Presentation Group Work Mechanics

Standards Addressed : 

Standards Addressed 6.2.0 Reading Comprehension 2.1 Obtain information from structural features of popular media 6.1.0 Writing Strategies 1.1 Report Writing 6.2.0 Writing Applications 2.3 Research Reports 6.2 Students will analyze the geographical, political, economic, religious, and social structures of Mesopotamia and Egypt

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