What is Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation

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What is Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation The treatment for spinal cord injuries can be divided into to two stages: acute and rehabilitation. The acute phase gets initiated from the occurrence of injury which is mainly when the spine treatment starts and lasts until the person gain stability. The rehabilitation phase is the next step of the acute phase when the patient ready to begin working toward their independence. The Acute Phase In the acute phase the patient is offered a proper medical care by the spine physician. It should be offered as soon as possible after the spinal injury to have the least amount of possible impairment. The first few days are basically accompanied by spinal shock when the reflexes of the person don’t work. It’s very difficult to determine an exact prognosis during this stage. At this stage the other complications from the accident or injury can also be detected that can be brain injury broken bones or bruising. The Rehabilitation Phase After the acute phase the patient enters the rehabilitation stage of treatment. The treatment offered during this phase aims at returning as much functionality as possible to the person. A unique plan is designed for every patient as all spinal cord injuries are different. The plan often includes:  Make the patient understand its injuries  Detailed explanation regarding their care  Making the patient independent as possible in everyday activities  Helping the patient in learning to accept a new lifestyle  Instructing the caregivers in how to assist the patients  Preparing them for vocational rehabilitation In most cases rehabilitation occurs at an approved and accredited spinal cord injury treatment center.

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