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D.R. Congo:

D.R. Congo

D.R. Congo :

D.R. Congo


Located/Area/Climates/Religion Located at American Great Lakes region of Central America Other countries border are CAR & South Sudan Area are 905,355 sq. mi Climates are Average temperature, Rainfall,& Snowfall. Capital : Kanshasa Official Lang. : French Official Religion : Roman Catholic 50% , Protestant 20% , Kimbanguist 10 % , Muslim 10 %


Population/Ethnic 65.71 Million people Most ethnic group of people are Luba , Mongo, Bakongo , Lingala , Tshiuba , & Swahill .

Agricultural/Manufactured product/Natural Resources:

Agricultural/Manufactured product/Natural Resources Agricultural : Corn, bananas, potatoes, sugarcane, yam, rice, & pineapple. Manufactured : Footwear, metal, chemical, glassware, textile, & clothing. Natural : Diamond, G old, Cobalt & Copper .


GDP/Income GDP : 17.87 billion Per Capita Income : 25 M & 231.50 Per Person

Colonized/Independent :

Colonized/Independent Colonization of the Congo refers to the period of Henry Morton Stanley's first exploration of the Congo (1876) until its annexation as a personal possession of King Leopold II of Belgium (1885). Became independent on June 30, 1960

Happening recently:

Happening recently A vast country with immense economic resources, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DR Congo) has been at the Centre of what could be termed Africa's world war. This has left it in the grip of a humanitarian crisis. The five-year conflict pitted government forces, supported by Angola, Namibia and Zimbabwe, against rebels backed by Uganda and Rwanda. The war claimed an estimated three million lives, either as a direct result of fighting or because of disease and malnutrition.

Standard of living:

Standard of living living conditions are dismal, access to health care is minimal and violence still erupts in unstable areas. Rape and violence against women may be more common in DRC than anywhere else in the world. Though rich in resources that allow hope for a bright future as a thriving country, DRC is still in dire need of economic and social reconstruction. 75% live below the poverty line More than half have no access to drinking water or to basic healthcare Three out of every 10 children are poorly nourished Up to 20% of children won't live past the age of 5, and nearly half will die before their 40th birthday.

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