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Centrifugation By Ajay Pal Singh

Centrifugation : 

Centrifugation Centrifugation is a process that involves the use of the centrifugal force for the separation of mixtures

Principle of centrifugation : 

Principle of centrifugation

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If a particle (mass = m kg) spins in a centrifuge (radius r, m) at a velocity (v, m s-1) then the centrifugal force (F, N) acting on the particle equals m v2/r. The same particle experiences gravitational force (G, Newton) = m g (where g = acceleration due to gravity) F = m v2/r F= centrifugal force Centrifugal force (F)

Centrifugal effect (C) : 

Centrifugal effect (C) The centrifugal effect (C) is the ratio of these two forces, so C = F/G, i.e. C indicates how much greater F is than G Centrifugal effect, C= Force acting in radial direction Gravitational force

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Consider a body of mass ‘m” kg rotating in a circular path of radius “r” at a velocity of “v” Centrifugal force =f= mv2/r Same body is experiencing gravitational force, it can be expressed as “G= mg , where g = acceleration due to gravity, and m= mass Centrifugal effect (C) = F/G = mv2 /mgr (v = 2 π r n ) c = (2π r n)2/ g r = 4 π2r n2/ g (d= r/2) = 2 π2 d n2/ g (g = 9.807) C = 2.013 d n2

Centrifugal effect, C= 2.013 n2d : 

Centrifugal effect, C= 2.013 n2d n= speed of rotation( revolution per second of centrifuge) d= diameter of rotation So we can say………. Centrifugal effect is directly proportional to diameter of rotation Centrifugal effect is directly proportional to (speed of rotation)2

Classification of centrifuges : 

Classification of centrifuges There are two main types of centrifuge used to achieve separation on an industrial scale, Filtration centrifuge: Those using perforated baskets, which perform a filtration-type operation (work like a spin-dryer) and (2) Sedimentation centrifuge : Those with a solid walled vessel, where particles sediment towards the wall under the influence of the centrifugal force

Perforated-basket centrifuges(centrifugal filters) : 

Perforated-basket centrifuges(centrifugal filters)

Fig. Perforated basket centrifuge : 

Fig. Perforated basket centrifuge

Tubular-bowl centrifuges (centrifugal sedimenters) : 

Tubular-bowl centrifuges (centrifugal sedimenters)

Fig: Tubular-bowl centrifuge : 

Fig: Tubular-bowl centrifuge

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Continuous centrifuge

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