Meadow surprises CBSE class VII.

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meadow suRpRiSeS by – Lois Brandt Phillips - Class – VII –C.B.S.E.:

meadow suRpRiSeS by – Lois Brandt Phillips - Class – VII –C.B.S.E. Prepared by – Ajay kumar Hazare [T.G.T.] Central School For Tibetans, Ravangla ,S. Sikkim

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Meadow have surprises You can find them if you look Walk softly through the velvet grass, And listen by the brook. The POEM Meadow = a field of green grass Velvet = silken/softy ,Brook = a small stream

Brook = a small stream:

Brook = a small stream Brook

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You may see a butterfly Rest upon a buttercup And unfold its drinking straws To sip the nectar up NECTAR = a sweet fluid produced by flower

Slide 5:

Dandelion = a flower Buttercup = a flower Drinking straw = Small dringing pipers

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You may scare a rabbit Who is sitting very still; Though at first you may not see him, When he hops you will Hops = jump / spring Scare = frighten

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A Dandelion whose fuzzy head Was Golden days ago Has turned to airy parachutes That flutter when you blow Fuzzy = Having soft texture Flutter=move like the wings of bird Blow = exhale with force

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Explore the meadow houses, The burrows in the ground, A nest beneath tall grasses, The ant’s amazing mound Burrows = A whole in the ground made by an animal Mound = A pile of earth mound

Slide 9:

Oh! Meadows have surprises And many things to tell; You may discover these yourself, If you look and listen well. Discover = find out

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SUMMARY A WALK across a meadow reveals many wonderful things. We will find grass as cozy as velvet. There may be a brook also. There will be flowers and the butterflies drinking nectar from them. While doing so it seems to us its body parts like a drinking straw ,We may see a rabbit jumping around. Above all, there we will find wild flower plants like the dandelion. Its light yellow flower move like parachutes when we blow on them. There are burrow in the ground which house certain animals. Under the tall grasses we may see the ant’s amazing mound[homes]. In fact the meadows are full of surprises. ;he who knows how to see and listen will find out them himself.

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Students now we will try to do some exercises Read the following stanza and give the reference and explanation with rhyming scheme and rhyming words:- . “Explore the meadow houses, The burrows in the ground, A nest beneath tall grasses, The ant’s amazing mound” Ans:- Reference :- The above stanza is derived from the poem , “Meadow Surprises” and the author is “Lois Brandit Phillips”. Here he tells about the beauty of meadow that is green grass. Explanation :- Here the poet says about the beauty and silent features of a meadow. He further says that if we try to find out we may see the beautiful burrows [a hole in the ground], a nest of birds in the branches of tall trees and the surprising mounds [ a pile of earth] of ant or the anthills. Rhyming scheme is , ab ab . Rhyming words – Houses Grasses . Ground mound .

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It was , ajay kumar hazare from CST Ravangla, S. Sikkim. I need your kind suggestions and remarks at 0892 78 78 078 Thank you.

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