Organization Development and Benchmarking

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ORganisation DEvelopment


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Organization Development and Benchmarking:

Organization Development and Benchmarking

Job Satisfaction:

Job Satisfaction Satisfaction parameter by priority : “ Stability of employment” ; ‘health & wellness’ ; ‘constructive relationship at work’ External communication : Should be based on employee empowerment, health benefits as well as culture Working Shifts : Only 10.8% of South Korean workers across all age groups work in predominantly in two weekly shifts with an average of 45 working hours daily More Older workers than younger workers are engaged in non-standard forms of employment; Thus Chemrez can target Older Workers

Organisation Development :

High Cultural Fit and medium Industrialisation : The Culture fits highly with OD values. Local mannerism, customs and cultures are required to understand the communicated information High Power distance, achievement orientation and uncertainty avoidance gives rise to autocratic culture, role clarity ,paternalistic decisions as well as influence from the powerful Thus OD interventions focusing on social empowerment are not favored Social Media adoption is more than 70% ; Global average 34% ‘Crisis management’, ‘engaging others’, ‘well-being’ ; Weakest abilities of senior management ; Only 37 % of employees are satisfied with their current senior leadership Recommendation Thus, for Chemrez management practices that focus on collective decision making such as total quality management (TQM); Threat to power structure is low as well as roles are specified Organisation Development

Employee Empowerment:

Implement an organisation wide social media tool Focus on team building exercises Recognise and reward team players and leaders Incept a culture of learning organisation adopted by many now – Reward Those who share knowledge with others Ensure to deploy a learning buddy for each new employee, one who is not a manager Promote that sharing is fun through intranet Employee Empowerment We propose a framework for the New Engagement consisting of three building blocks ― Personalization Self-reliance Agility

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