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Seeds and Plants By: J.Ajai

Seeds contain new plants:

Seeds contain new plants A seed is the start of a new plant The have different shapes, sizes and colors Flowers make seeds Covered in a seed coat to protect and keeps tiny leaves and root inside Contains food for the new plant

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seeds travel seeds stick to socks stick to animal fur seeds blow in the wind seeds to grow need: Soil Water Sunlight Seeds are planted to grow in the gardens

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Stage 1 Germ grows inside seed Stage 2 Plant shoots up from germ Roots develop down from germ Stage 3 Leaves develop Roots grow Plants’ Stages

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Stage 4 Flower buds grow Stage 5 Full-grown plant Leaves, stems, flowers and roots

Plant Parts:

Plant Parts Stems Have little tubes that carry water and food to the rest of the plant Hold up leaves and flowers of the plant Grass, flowers, and vines have soft stems Roots Collect water and minerals for the plant They hold the plant in the ground Some plants store food in the roots

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Leaves Make food for the plant Green leaves + air + sunlight = plant food Flowers Flowers are many sizes, colors, and shapes Make seeds The seeds grow into new plants

Kinds of Plants:

Kinds of Plants There are trees. Parts of the tree Roots Trunk (is the tree’s stem) Branch Leaves Fruit There are flowers. There are bushes.

Parts of the plants that we can eat:

Parts of the plants that we can eat Seeds Corn Roots Potatoes Carrots Leaves Lettuce Spinach Stem celery

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