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PHYSICS at CPS The physics course at CPS consist of the following: Lectures Problem Solving Classes (PSC) Labs Project CourseWorks (CW)

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The Physics Team Kairat Ciprian Sachin Stephen Galymzhan

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Materials Books Primary Secondary Calculator from administration

Lectures (50 in total):

Lectures (50 in total) Lectures : same lecture room all year. (You are not allowed to change your assigned lecture hall.) Over the year you will see all lecturers as they will rotate through. Lecture attendance is mandatory and it will be monitored. The lecture slides will uploaded on moodle after the lecture.

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Taking notes in lecture! Students are required to take lecture notes. These notes will be used by you in your PSCs and also an important requirement for examination. If you don’t take lecture notes you may not be able to do problems at PSC.

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Not Allowed

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All lectures start at 5 minutes past the hour. If you are late do not enter and/or do not ask for permission to enter. The same rules apply to PSCs.

Problem Solving Classes (PSC):

Problem Solving Classes (PSC) Two per week Bring your notes from the lecture; bring pen, notebook, ruler and calculator. Administration will provide you with calculators. This is the time to ask your teacher questions and clarify your understanding.


Projects Initial Meeting on requirements Wed. 3 Oct. 2012 @ 3 PM in Senate Hall. Project Groups of 6 students each. We will choose groups. Project Completed by Wed, 21 Nov. 2012. Project Grade based on Following: Individual Learners Diary: 10 pts Project Group Report 30 pts Project Creation and Objective 60 pts TOTAL 100 pts

Laboratory work:

Laboratory work In total, student do 7 or 8 experiments. Experiments will be only in in term two and term three . Experiments will be on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday afternoons. Students work in pairs. You will be informed what group you are in and what day to meet in Lab .

Courseworks (CWs) :

Courseworks (CWs) Questions in CWs and PSCs will be tested . CWs will be distributed weekly after the second lecture. Hard copies will be available outside the physics office and digital copies on Moodle.

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Mark division: Practical: Project Total 5% Laboratory work 15% Tests: Total of Course Work Tests 10% Exams: Xmas Exam 5% Easter Exam 5% FINAL EXAM 60% TOTAL 100 %


Questions? More information will be uploaded onto Moodle every week. Keep checking Moodle. If you have any urgent specific question, write to the Physics Coordinator, Sachin Dessai. Give your email the title: “Question about physics”. Start the email either “Dear Sachin…” or “Hi Sachin…” End your email something like ‘Thanks and best wishes and always write your name .

Good Luck !!:

Good Luck !! Work Hard Every Day and Enjoy It! Have a great academic year!

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