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AB- 80 spray lubricant removes the rust from nuts, hinges, locks, and caster wheels. It lubricates through the gaps of the surface and makes it easy and free to use.


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AB-80 SPRAY LUBRICANT WITH TEFLON Description AB-80 Spray Lubricant With Teflon is a  Must-Have Product  for all the  DIY Lovers , with its usage expanding to both  Household and Commercial Use . It is an everyday product that not only  protects the metal  against  rust and corrosion  but can also be used to  clean collected dust and harden grease . Our lubricant  displaces moisture  and  lubricates  through the gaps in surface  to free stuck jammed bolts and nuts.  AB-80 Spray  penetrates   the sticky object  to provide effective cleaning  without leaving any marks or residual , with  wipe clean finish .


It quickly penetrates to dramatically reduce friction and wear while offering excellent corrosion resistance and rapid moisture displacement. LUBRICATES & PROTECTS FROM CORE It is specifically designed to be resistant to any residue and does not attract sand, dust, and particulates. Enjoy a clean, precise & effective usage day-in, day-out! EFFECTIVE & BUILD-UP RESISTANT This spray lubricant provides a shield-like film against the effects of moisture and corrosion in your marine gear, wheels, motors, bike, locks, boats, weapons, sports equipment, etc. UNIVERSAL USE The offered spray penetrates to “Bust” parts frozen by rust and corrosion such as bolts, valves & locks to ensure opening with minimal hassle. AUTOMOTIVE & INDUSTRIAL USE USES


Opens jammed nut-bolts Stops squeaky noise of Doors Open Rusted Locks Lubricates door hinges Opens and lubricates Stuck Drawers Lubricates power window Cleans Gas Burner and Exhausts Lubricates Moving Parts Loosens rusted parts Can be used to clean Tough Stains FEATURES OF AB-80 SPRAY LUBRICANT


01 Shake well before use. 02 Fit straw onto nozzle to reach inaccessible areas. 03 To lubricate , spray directly onto targeted areas. 04 To treat rusted parts , spray directly to target areas. Allow soaking for 5-10 minutes. 05 To prevent rust , start by treating rust, then re-spray directly onto the target area to leave a protective layer, and Don’t wipe it off. 06 Use short bursts instead of a long continuous spray. APPLICATION OF AB-80 SPRAY LUBRICANT


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