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Workplace safety signs are used to keep people safe on the job. Safety signs play a key role, though, in many aspects of safety from maintaining safe distance to wear a face mask.


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Workplace Signages Emphasize community safety


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How Signages Helps Health and safety signs are one of the main means of communicating health and safety information. They can be found in places such as workplaces, nurseries, schools and offices. To Raise Safety Awareness With the safety posters you can rest assure that the workplace will have a high level of safety consciousness. Every employee that works for your organization will take the issues of safety seriously and practice the same at work. Give Directions It simply shows your dedication and commitment to spreading the word about it. Thus, you must employ sign boards which will be effective in achieving a better and safer communication in the workplace. To Identify Signs provide information and warnings about hazards or threats which are essential to safety. Directional signs are necessary for vast locations such as hospitals, corporations etc. Provide Information


Signages Categories Wall Stickers 01 02 Wall Posters Safety Signs Floor Signs Social Distancing Signs Lift & Elevator Signs Hygiene Signs


Wall Stickers Social distancing wall stickers are signages for walls that usually carry a single message meant for educating or instructing particular instructions at key locations . They are especially effective in serving as a consistent reminder to enforce habits like social distancing like temperature check, no spitting, wear a face mask, and following social distancing.


Safety Signages Easy to apply, deliver a strong message, easily noticeable & durable. Safety Signs are of high quality, durable stickers that are placed to inculcate habits. Safety Signs  promote a safe work environment, keeping employees aware of potential hazards and reinforcing important safety precautions.


Posters are powerful attention grabbers and are designed to instruct and educate people of rules like social distancing and to cooperate with staff. The messages carried can be a set of instructions like the right way to wash hands to remove viruses or specific instructions like no spitting, maintain 6 feet distance, no handshake, No entry without a face mask, and so on. Wall Posters Easy to change colors, photos and Text. Easy to change colors, photos and Text.


Hygiene signages are wall stickers, floor stickers and posters that educate and encourage hygiene habits in places where hygiene takes priority like face shield required, face mask zone, spitting not allowed and more. This is specifically useful in places like green rooms, sick rooms and more. Hygiene Signs Easy to change colors, photos and Text.


Social Distancing Stickers As social distancing becomes the new normal, businesses have an important role in reminding everyone of healthy practices. Research proves messages are more effective when they are repeated, and someone needs to see a message between 7 and 20 times for it to actually stick. AIPL Stickers are made from durable material, social distancing wall signs were made to withstand elements such as water, chemicals, and UV light, both indoors and outdoors. 


Lift & Elevator Signs Elevator signs are signs placed in the outside or inside the elevator. These signs functions as a safety reminder or warning, location of elevator machine room, etc.


Floor Signages Social distancing floor stickers are of high quality, durable stickers that are placed to inculcate habits. They are placed on the floor at places where queues are formed to ensure that people stay at a safe distance from each other. It is also used to mark guidelines like starting points, paths, partitions so that a queue decorum is maintained.


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