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…Vodafone was! Rome was not built in a day

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September 21, 2007

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September 21, 2007

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Stakeholders 16 circles 35 million customers 10,000 employees 400,000 trade partners And everything had to happen overnight!

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The big Idea Change is good : Hutch is now Vodafone

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Television – H&I Films

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Television – Pug Commercials

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Television 24 hour road-block on 13 Star channels

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Television innovation In program launch

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Print Ad

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Magazine innovation The arch had a cut-out through which the dog on the 2nd page seems to be sitting in a pink kennel

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Lenticular bus shelter

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Pole kiosk and tri-vision

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One on one communication

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Welcome messages Welcome MMS Links on Vodafone Live! Offering free wallpapers, ringtones and callertunes Welcome SMS

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Bill envelope and message

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Bill insert Insert addressing queries customers might have during the period of transition

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Mobile sticker

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Launch Emailer

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High-end customers

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Personalised Business World cover Over 30,000 key Vodafone customers received personalized copies of a leading business magazine with a welcome message from Vodafone

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Moments diary Sent to select top end customers, the prized Vodafone Moments Diary is true to the brand’s essence and urges customers to make the most of every moment

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Personalized calendars A larger set of the corporate customers were given Vodafone calendars with every page personalized to the individual

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Roaming mailer Key customers were sent personalized goods to get them to join in the red fever. About 7000 HNI customers were sent special roaming direct mailers that best suited their needs on business travel – a Vodafone universal travel adapter, which was sure to come handy wherever they went.

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Vodafone Store layout Self service kiosk Jargon buster wall Vodafone Store signage Vodafone Store Service desk and backdrop

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Mini Store layout Mini Store at airports Mini Store at metro stations Mini Store signage Vodafone Mini Store

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Vodafone Mobile Store

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Vodafone MBOs

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Consumer touch-point work

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Recharge and SIM cards

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Welcome kits, carry bags and merchandise

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Employee engagement program

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Trade meet

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Vodafone coverage - reach Every touchpoint across India wore the new Vodafone look. Average reach of 88% amongst Star channel viewers and 82% amongst non-Star channel viewers High levels of message comprehension – with almost universal awareness amongst people exposed to the ad Large amount of PR around the 24 hour roadblock on all Star channels Market Probe – Week after study : 21st Sep – 28th Oct

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Vodafone coverage - Qualitative research The high media blitz combined with knowledge of Vodafone’s international standing was successful in portraying the brand as a large, confident entity. The buzz around the brand has led to very high expectations. Consumers perceived the brand to be growing in strength and showing great potential. Consumers welcomed the change with greater sense of pride in associating with an premium, international brand Source: Q market Research, a division of Quantum Market Research Pvt. Ltd.

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The brand has successfully created a well-rounded image - combining western values of professionalism, efficiency, ambition with Indian warmth and friendliness. Also conveys a continuation, and not a disruption of the Hutch experience (use of the dog). Source: Q market Research, a division of Quantum Market Research Pvt. Ltd. Vodafone coverage - Qualitative research

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Vodafone coverage - downloads In response to the welcome SMS, MMS and bill message, an incredible 9.3 million customers sent a SMS to 56565 to download the Vodafone ringtone, logo and wallpapers, in 25 days

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Vodafone coverage - buzz Launch was the most talked about event in Indian media Over 450 articles described the launch across press Many television bytes, including an entire episode on CNBC covering the transition as a case study On typing ‘Hutch is now Vodafone’ on Google even today – relevant search results run into 63 pages

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Campaign Coverage Second most effective campaign of the year 2007

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In a nutshell… 35 million customers who had grown with Hutch, transitioned to Vodafone seamlessly Every customer touch-point, from the logos on television to the stamp at the Vodafone reception, wore the new Vodafone look – from Day 1 Rave reviews from the advertising and marketing fraternity, with Business Standard rating it one of the best launches of the year Great appreciation from the Vodafone worldwide board and the proclaiming it to be the fastest, most comprehensive and most effective launch ever witnessed.

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