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In this presentation we are discussing about the importance of outsource technical support services in the current trend of business.In order to take benefits, provide best quality services and save money companies outsource certain services to third parties on contract basis. Technical support or technical help desk is one of the most outsourced services.


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Why do C ompanies O utsource Technical Support ?


Introduction Cost management is one area where all the businesses, no matter how big or small, face challenges. With the increase in dependence on technology and infrastructures, companies of all sizes have started to face strain on their budgets. In order to save money, many companies outsource certain services to third parties on contract basis. Technical support or technical help desk is one of the most outsourced service.


What is T echnical Support ? Assisting people who face technical issues with their IT or electronic devices is called technical support. Technical support teams consist of agents that are familiar with the working of the devices or products the company is selling. If not, they are trained to do so.


How is it done? Trained agents are able to provide the callers with the solutions based on their knowledge and are able to troubleshoot most of the problem an electronic consumer faces. Technical support is usually provided over telephone or emails. Live web chats are used when required.


Why Outsource Technical support and help desk ? Primary reason to outsource technical support and help desk is to slash costs. It is an option every company should consider. Well-established companies as well as upcoming startups are looking for outside support providers to outsource their tech support.


Other R easons Smoothness of operation Lack on in-house labor Availability of cheap, more skilled labor elsewhere.


Benefits of O utsourcing Needless to say, it saves money. It also enables the company to focus on its core business rather than side services like technical support and help desk. It reduces the burden of an extra service from the company. This service can be outsourced to trained agents to assist the clientele when issues arise.


Flexibility As the company expands, it becomes difficult to keep up with the old customers. It also becomes cumbersome to handle new customers. A simple mishandling or error can cost a company its business. In order to avoid this, and ease the pressure of work on its employees, companies choose to outsource their technical help support .


No Hassle of Staffing or Hiring P eople If a company is thinking of having its in-house tech support unit, it has to hire a staff. After hiring, comes training of staff and money is to be pumped to train people according to the company’s need. Wouldn’t it be simple if all this hassle of hiring, staffing and training could be avoided?


A Little D istance B etween C ustomers and Company Customers are the core of any business. When outsourcing its services, company is putting a little distance between itself and its customers. This is because it is dealing with customers via a third party. A direct insight into the customers’ services is lost. But nevertheless, they are still getting updates.


Risk of exposing confidential customers Although trusted and reputed third parties are chosen for outsourcing, there is always a risk of data exposure. Confidential customer data should be with held no matter what. For such purposes, company should keep a check on the service provider.  


Conclusion In outsourcing business, benefits always out number the negatives. Doing it with a reputed and professional service vendor, technical support department can flourish heaps and bounds. A happy and satisfied customer base not only maximizes the profits but also builds a brand name.


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