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Galaxy Marmo India's is best marble maker and providers. We are giving you best marble and Indian Marble at moderate value, Choose broad scope of imported marble from our online store Galaxy Marmo is delighted to be familiar as India’s largest and leading importer in the architectural Galaxy of Marbles.


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About Us We select choice pieces from nations like Italy France USA Egypt and India itself. The plans we offer are capriciously great. The fantastic spots and waves carry tranquility to your eyes and quiet your psyche and soul. On the off chance that we talk about India our marble range is arranged in differing classes which characterize particulars of each culture India holds inside its topographical limits. System Marmo has a completely prepared showroom at Sat bari New Delhi. This showroom mirrors a demo of the quality which is offered by us. We have various Italian Machinery which give the best of results and a group of around 400 experts like designers directors specialists and so forth. We watch out for the quality marble. Your satisfaction is our lone technique.

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Our Products

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Indian Marble Indian Marbles. Indian Marble is known for its excellent surfaces quality and toughness. We offer these excellent indian marble in quality and normal try to please for business and private reason. For the most part indian is exceptionally request in unadulterated white shading.

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Onyx Marble The supposed onyx marbles comprise of concentric zones of calcite or aragonite saved from cold-water arrangements in caverns and cleft and around the ways out of springs. They are in the severe sense neither marble nor onyx for genuine onyx is a united chalcedony made generally out of silicon

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Italian Marble Galaxy Marmo is providing producing Italian marble in India.Sculpted out of Italian marble between 1501-1504 marble statue by Michelangelos "David" is a demonstration of the life span of marble. Photograph by Jörg Bittner Unna. ... Italian marble is sought after. Its excellent sturdy and carries with it a notoriety for extravagance.

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Statuario Marbles Galaxy Marmo is providing producing Italian marble in India.Statuario is the most valuable marble assortments found in Italy. It has unmistakable veining that can run from gold to dim.

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Address :- Main Chattarpur Mandir Road Satbari New Delhi- 110070 India Email:- Head Office :- +91-9999903785 +91-8048931575

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