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Subservice surface utility engineering is the solution to the conflicts that take place in utility mapping, Locating, designating. New and existing processes are used to accurately map the future construction projects.


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Advanced Infrastructure Mapping LLC is an established SUBSURFACE UTILITY ENGINEERING firm based in the Mid-Atlantic. Our vast knowledge of underground utility investigation techniques help us strive to provide our customers with the most accurate information possible.

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Obtaining reliable underground utility information was quite a problem for Highway designers. Not only Highway engineers it has been useful at airports railways military work sanitation and any other projects related to the government concerned.

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In short whenever underground utilities problems are confronted subsurface utility Engineering has proven with great solution. Subservice surface utility engineering is the solution to the conflicts that take place in utility mapping Locating designating. New and existing processes are used to accurately map the future construction projects.

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Earlier the standard methods to locate underground utilities were not sufficient were costly inefficient and highly risky. Due to subsurface engineering vertical and horizontal locations are easily available quickly without any difficulty and also inexpensive.

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Storage tank septic tanks etc. that are underground are map by subsurface utility engineering for environmental purpose. This technology is very useful as it helps in avoiding utility relocations and other unpredictable problems during construction.

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It helps in getting rid of project delays that otherwise consumes lot of time and turns out to be costly. Delays hamper the progress of a project construction. The combination of civil engineering geophysics and surveying is what constitutes the study of subsurface utility.

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The use of SUE is very beneficial to the utilities underground as well as to the agencies that need it especially Highways Roadways airport etc. The American Society of Engineers ASCE guidelines are considered by subsurface utility engineers as a source of information and regulations.

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It states that it is an engineering process and not a software or technology that is put to use. It requires study to understand the risk associated and efficiently managing them. Utility mapping utility coordination utility relocation design utility design utility accommodation policies are the all areas where risks are associated and this is taken care by Subsurface Engineering.

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The quality levels are designed to decide what and how much information is required by project owners to apply for risk Management. The ACSE’s standard guidelines defines quality levels of utility as Quality level D Quality level C Quality level B Quality level A.

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Quality level D is the recording of information through gathering data. This is lowest level of information as the data could have limitations to it or source of data is unknown. The data is derived from oral i.e. through enquiring people or talking them about the site past records internet search digital records etc.

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Quality level C is done by whatever information is visible above ground and relating it with quality level D. If the surveying is already performed the accuracy of the surveyed information is checked. Most of the time there is conflict between Quality level D and quality level C.

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Quality level B is designating the underground utilities information obtained by applying geophysical methods to understand the existence and horizontal position of subsurface utilities

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Quality level A is the physical involvement in locating utility which is done horizontally and vertically by survey measurements.

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The major activities that are involved in SUE process are as follows:-

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Scope of work: The SUE work plan is developed and then agreed upon by the SUE service provider and the client. The work plan mostly consists level of service risk that is involved and its allocation scheduling the project and the project delivery time.

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Designating: Geophysical method is used in interpreting the subset of utility presence and then horizontal position on the ground surface is marked

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Locating: - Precise vertical and horizontal location is recorded.

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Data management: Data gathered through survey designating and locating processes are managed by transferring them into client system

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Conflict analysis: Conflicts arising are analyzed and resolved.

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Advanced Infrastructure Mapping A.I.M. is a Small Veteran Owned SWaM Certified Utility Mapping Company based in Virginia Beach Va. We have been in the Utility Locating business for 27+ years. We provide Underground Utility Locating and Mapping services for clients such as Engineering Companies Surveying Companies Construction Companies Municipalities and as simple as a single homeowner.

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GET IN TOUCH Address: 2216 Mansion Cross Ln. Virginia Beach VA 23456 Phone: 757-785-5177 Mail: Hours: Monday – Saturday: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm Sunday: Closed

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