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Subsurface Utility Engineering S.U.E - Advanced Infrastructure Mapping LLC

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➢ Subsurface Utility Engineering SUE is a proven solution to identifying existing subsurface utilities on Construction of buildings road projects. By identifying existing utility conflicts early in the design life of a project the engineer may be able to mitigate or eliminate utility impacts. The Solution – Subsurface Utility Engineering

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➢ It is important for the roadway design engineer should become familiar with the ASCE standard and the SUE quality levels so he can walk into a project scoping meeting with the clients and accurately recommend the need for SUE and the level of the investigation needed.

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SUE data is collected in what is known as “qualitylevels ” that vary by the level of detail and accuracy provided.

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Quality Level D QL “D” QL “D” SUE is the lowest level of accuracy and is recommended for use during the planning or schematic design phase of the roadway project but is not recommended for use during detailed PSE design. Quality Level C QL “C” This level of accuracy is recommended for rural FM roadway projects with low utility congestion few utility crossings and few roadway intersections.

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Quality Level B QL “B” This level of accuracy is recommended for more complex roadway projects in urban and suburban environments where utility congestion is high along with the potential risk of utility conflicts. Quality Level A QL “A” This level of accuracy is recommended for the test holes be performed at precise utility conflict locations based on a detailed conflict analysis with roadway improvements.

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