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Adobe AD0-E100 Adobe Experience Manager 6 Assets Developer

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AD0-E100 Exam Braindumps

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A developer is using Create and Translate workflow with Add to existing translation project" on assets with subassets Which action should be taken to handle subassets A. Only use AEM Machine Translation where it is the only method supported on Assets with subassets. B. Subassets mime types must be defined in Day CQ DAM Create Asset Servlet or else they will be ignored. C. Make sure subassets are selected before starting the workflow otherwise they will not be translated D. Select and remove the subassets from the translation job to void any potential problems. Answer: B Question NO 1

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A developer is trying to update the existing tianslahon.rules.xml to update some translation rules on a node node_X. In a nodelist element developer finds multiple rules targeting the same node node_X. The developer then adds the new rule at the bottom of the list. What is the outcome with this new rule introduced A. This newly introduced rule overwrites translation rules. B. An error occurs when the translation rules try to be used on the node C. The translation rules stay unchanged because the first rule on a node is always used. D. A warning message indicates that translation behavior will be unpredictable Answer: A Question NO 2

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A client would like to use a third-party translation service in AEM How would you configure translation integration for assets in your own project A. in the language root of the project configure the properties under the Translation tabaccordingly. B. in the DAM Update Asset workflow model add a translation workflow step and configure accordingly. C. in Web console add a new entry in Translation Integration Default Config and configure accordingly. D. In the Projectconsole set the target language for the project and select the translation provider. Answer: C Question NO 3

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Company XYZ has multiple AEM sites but would like only one of the sites to use a custom metadata schema. They would like to add a verifiedBy user picker field for its image assets. What do you need to do to implement this requirement A. Create a new metadata schema and extend the Granite Ul Component to create a new user picker field B. Customize the /default/image metadata schema and extend the Granite Ul component to create a new user picker field C. Customize the existing /default metadata schema add a Dropdown form field and manually add the users groups to the list D. Create a new metadata schema add a Dropdown form field and manually add the users groups to the list Answer: B Question NO 4

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Why should Asset Filters be set up when using Dynamic Media for video-only deployments A. To make sure proper ACU are set on videos on AEM publish instances and available for anonymous requests B. To encode all unsupported video formats via FFmpeg and deliver them to Dynamic Media Video Service C. To ensure all supported video types are deliverable by AEM publish instance when they are requested D. To allow AEM publish instance only to deliver the video poster image and metadata required for playback Answer: B Question NO 5

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A client needs AEM Assets to detect files with identical contents at the time of upload. What should a developer change to meet this requirement A. Develop a custom OSGi service to detect duplicate files and deploy that OSGi service to the AEM instance. B. Update the Day CQ DAM Asset Upload Restriction OSGi service configuration to detect duplicate files. C. Update the Day CQ DAM Create Asset Servlet OSGi service configuration to detect duplicate files D. Update the Adobe CQ DAM Asset Index Update Monitor OSGi service configuration to detect duplicate files. Answer: D Question NO 6

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A resource has already resolved. What is the best way to modify a property of an asset resource in an OSGi service implementation A. Resource.setPropertyisFlaggedtrue B. Adapt resource to Node.class then invoke node.setProperty‘’isFlagged’’true C. itemsetPropertyisFlagged true. D. Start a new AssetsManager object then invoke setAssetPorpertyresource ‘’isFlagged.’’ Answer: A Question NO 7

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