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JN0-681 Data Center Professional JNCIP-DC

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Dumpspedia JN0-681 Exam Dumps

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You dont have to take any worry about your JN0-681 Dumps Questions. We will give you some demo questions and replies of JN0-681 Test Dumps here. Dumpspedia JN0-681 Exam Dumps

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You are troubleshooting an L3VPN that is part of an EVPN/PLS DCI. You noticethat the EVPN overlay BGP session toward is unable to establish. Why is the BGP session failing to establish A. The route-distinguisher value on the local PE is incorrect B. There is no route for an VPN net 0. C. There is no route for in inet 3. D. The vrf-table –label value is not configured in the remote PE. Answer: A Question NO 1 www.dumpspedia.co/JN0-681-dumps.html

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A client with five data centers spread around the country uses MPLS L2VPNs to provides point-to-point data center interconnect between each data center in a full-mesh network. The client Is considering an MPLS EVEN implementation. In this scenario what are three advantages of using MPL5 EVEN interconnects Choose two. A. The provide for static configuration that does not require a Dynamic Routing Protocol B. They provide for a local proxy ARP/ND resolution. C. They provide for point multipoint connectivity D. They provide for a MAC learning in the control plane. E. They provide for lower transmission latency. Answer: C D E Question NO 2 www.dumpspedia.co/JN0-681-dumps.html

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You have a site with thousands of MAC addresses multihomed to two leaf nodes in an EVPN VXLAN. In this scenario which EVPN feature provides fast network convergence in the event of a leaf node link failure A. Fast rerouter B. BGP Additional Paths C. Ethernet Autodiscovery D. Bidirectional Forwarding detection Answer: B Question NO 3 www.dumpspedia.co/JN0-681-dumps.html

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What would cause the problem on VCP 0/50 A. The port is missing the interface hardware B. The remote side is not configured as a VCP C. The VCP has been disabled through configuration D. VCP 0/50 is configured as a network port. Answer: C Question NO 4 www.dumpspedia.co/JN0-681-dumps.html

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AN EVPN signaling VXLAN overlay has been deployed in the network shown in the exhibit. Host1 is a bare metal server and is dual homed to the network. The IP addresses are assigned to the same physical NIC and no virtualization is configured on the server. In this scenario which two statements are true Choose two. A. The MAC address associated with and will be same when advertised to leaf3. B. Traffic from IP address must traverse the VXLAN network to reach IP address C. The connection host1 to devices leaf1 and leaf must be configuration a EAG. D. The ESI assigned to the host1 link must be the as the ESI assigned to the leaf2 host1 link. Answer: C D Question NO 5 www.dumpspedia.co/JN0-681-dumps.html

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You are configuring VXLAN. and you must ensure that all switches for the multicast groups advertisetheir existence and learn about other VTEPs In this scenario. which protocol will accomplish this task A. OSPF B. VPN C. PIM D. BOP Answer: C Question NO 6 www.dumpspedia.co/JN0-681-dumps.html

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You are asked to configure VXLAN for you c data center using multicast to exchange VTEP information In this scenario which two configuration parameters must match on the VTEPs in the same VXLAN segment Choose two. A. VLAN ID B. Routing instance name C. Multicast group D. VNI Answer: A D Question NO 7 www.dumpspedia.co/JN0-681-dumps.html www.dumpspedia.co/JN0-681-dumps.html

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You are configuring an EVPN overlay network. You want to ensure that leaf devices can respond to ARP request from locally connected host when the leaf device knows the MAC of the intended destination. A. Proxy ARP B. Static ARP entries C. Persistent MAC learning D. IGMP snooping Answer: A Question NO 8 www.dumpspedia.co/JN0-681-dumps.html

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After configuring an IP fabric using EBGP as you protocol you notice that not all of theroutersare showing up in the routing tables. You have verified that all adjacencies have formed and place and configured properly. In this scenario which statement is true A. The router have not been configured with the multipath multiple-as parameter. B. The router have not been configuredusing the bfd-1 Liveness-detection parameter. C. The router have not been configuredusing the multihop parameter. D. The router have not been configuredusing the add-path parameter Answer: C Question NO 9 www.dumpspedia.co/JN0-681-dumps.html

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What is the propose of the command shown in the exhibit A. To stop the reception of transit multicast traffic when there are no interested receives attached to the local VTEP B. To disable the group2390.0.1 across the entire VXLAN. C. To stop the transition of transit multicast traffic when there are no interested receives attached to a remote VTEP D. To disallow IGMP request for the group 239.0.01 from host attached to the local VTEP Answer: C Question NO 10 www.dumpspedia.co/JN0-681-dumps.html

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