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220-1001 CompTIA A+ Certification Exam: Core 1

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220-1001 Dumps Questions Answers

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The most major benefit of having a renowned certification on your resume is that your employers welcome you with warm hearts. But as these certifications are getting famous they are getting very hard to pass. We have a perfect solution for you if you are willing to get a certification such as A+. Dumpspedia is offering 100 guaranteed CompTIA A+ Certification Exam: Core 1 Practice Exam Dumps to pass CompTIA exam in flying colors. Our experts have made sure to include all key concepts and topics to 220-1001 Practice Exam Questions. Also we keep track of any new update on the exam so we can bring you up-to-date 220-1001 PDF Questions. 220-1001 Dumps Questions Answers

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You dont have to take any worry about your 220-1001 Dumps Questions. We will give you some demo questions and replies of 220-1001 Test Dumps here. 220-1001 Dumps Questions Answers

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Which of the following charging and data ports has a non-directional connector A. Micro-USB B. Mini-USB C. USB-A D. USB-C Answer: D Question NO 1 www.dumpspedia.co/220-1001-dumps.html

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A user accidentally spills liquid on a laptop. The user wants the device to be fixed and would like to know how much it will cost. Which of the following steps should the technician take NEXT to verify if the device is repairable before committing to a price Choose two. A. Remove the case and organize the parts. B. Document the screw locations. C. Search the Internet for repair tutorials. D. Consult colleagues for advice. E. Place the device in rice for a few days. Answer: A B Question NO 2 www.dumpspedia.co/220-1001-dumps.html

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Which of the following technologies can be used for wireless payments A. NFC B. Bluetooth C. IR D. LTE Answer: A Question NO 3 www.dumpspedia.co/220-1001-dumps.html

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The feature that allows users to store files in cloud-based when necessary but can removed when space is freed up is known as: A. on-demand B. resource pool C. synchronization application D. shared resources Answer: A Question NO 4 www.dumpspedia.co/220-1001-dumps.html

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Ann a user needs to attend several day-long conferences and wants to ensure her mobile device will have enough power for these events. She is concerned about wall outlet availability at the conferences and needs to continuously use her device for important updates. Which of the following should a technician recommend to BEST accommodate Ann’s needs A. Wireless charging pad B. Built-in battery case C. Extra charging cords D. Airplane mode Answer: A Question NO 5 www.dumpspedia.co/220-1001-dumps.html

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A server needs a RAM upgrade and a technician has been tasked with retrieving the RAM from storage and then installing it. Whish of the following is the BEST RAM type for the technician to retrieve A. SoDIMM B. DDR4 C. Single channel D. ECC Answer: B Question NO 6 www.dumpspedia.co/220-1001-dumps.html

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During an inspection it was found that data racks were not properly grounded. To pass the inspection and address a growing concern to protect data cabling and equipment a technician must make sure all racks are properly grounded. Which of the following tools should the technician use to verify this has been completed A. Multimeter B. Cable tester C. Tone generator D. Voltmeter Answer: A Question NO 7 www.dumpspedia.co/220-1001-dumps.html

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A user’s laptop is shutting down unexpectedly. The technician discovers the shutdowns only happen when the laptop is moved from one room to another. The technician reseated the hard drive memory battery and LCD cable but the laptop continues to shut down. Which of the following is the MOST probable cause of the issue A. Residual energy on the motherboard B. System overheating C. Distended capacitors D. Loose battery connection E. CMOS battery failure Answer: D Question NO 8 www.dumpspedia.co/220-1001-dumps.html

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