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A2 Music Video:

A2 Music Video Audience Feedback

Facebook Feedback:

Facebook Feedback Tasha Williams Well done Aidan that was really good and well done Liv for your starring role Ryan Stif Awesome. Loved the cardboard VHS Karri Carrie-anne Taylor White Good job Aidan! Just slow down for us old dogies that remember VHS as I couldn't read what the headlines on the paper were! Lol and as an after note was that your dad with the movember?? Well done liv for the main actress role xx Andrea Taylor Stephen ッ wow quite amazing

Blogger Feedback:

Blogger Feedback Mrs Scurrell Great music video especially liked the original music video featured on the TV. Great use of animation the graphics gave it an interesting feel and also made me think about the 8o’s era. To establish the change of era perhaps add colour differentiation through each transition such as sepia and black and white… Mark Logan Cool vid, I love how you aimed to go full out cheesy and did so to the right amount that it makes you cringe but with a smile. I'd like to take some creative royalties for the talking tech. Like Mrs Scurrell, I think you've done a good job in capturing the 80's in 3 and a half minutes. I can see a lot of technology and editing techniques have been used, such as stop motion and colour manipulation. I especially like the stop motion of the sound desk starting at 3:16. Something unique that I enjoyed, and haven't seen in anyone else's video in the class, is how you've incorporated speech over the song. This was done tastefully in the right places, by that I mean not during a vocal part of the song. It was effective and made me laugh. It's also cute how it became a little family project too! As for negatives, the only parts I would change is at the very end. Firstly you say 'radio did not get killed by video' when you should have said VIDEO DID NOT KILL THE RADIO STAR. Silly. Other part is the black screen during the ending instrumental. It might be nice to have some kind of resolution, such as your sister sitting and listening to the radio or even just you packing up at the end of your show. Something like that. Anonymous I liked it. Was fun to watch made me smile and loved the comical elements but thought it was easy to understand. Only thing I had trouble with was thought you spoke too fast I kind of missed bits and had to make my own mind up as to what was said. Well done love it

Analysis of Feedback:

Analysis of Feedback The main point made was that the difference in decades needs to be more clear. I am currently working on this People liked the use of animation which suggests that the original audience survey answers were accurate There was also a comment about how I need to place something at the end of the video, this will be included in the third draft

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