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we have it all planned out for the future, looking positively towards upcoming events, like the movie or concert you booked on an event app or even, a professional webinar. Visit website - https://www.aidaio.com/conference-event-app/


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UPHOLDING THE RESILIENCE OF EVENTS AFTER COVID-19    Life is funny: we have it all planned out for the future looking positively towards upcoming                                 events like the movie or concert you booked on an ​event app ​or even a professional webinar.                                   Life however has different plans for all of us altogether. No one could have predicted that a                                   global pandemic would have gripped us so fiercely and affect every aspect of our lives ​so                                 intensely. COVID-19 or Coronavirus has surely been a major health risk for thousands but in                               addition to that its adverse effects can be seen across various business industries as well.     The hardest-hit industry without a shadow of a doubt has been the events industry. Events                               that could have changed the face of our industries have all come to a standstill. Event                                 companies are literally dropping like flies with companies closing up shop for the foreseeable                             future.    Situations like these can easily evoke a sense of defeat and submission to conditions in                               addition to constant anxiety. It is easy to fall into these patterns. The fact of the matter                                   remains that no matter how much we want to sulk and complain there are real business                                 problems that need to be solved and fast. Event organizers mobile events apps market                             technology vendors such as the likes of AIDA.IO are all in a state of frenzy and are trying to                                       make the best out of situations in these challenging tumultuous times.      It’s not like the event industry has completely shut down either the launch of the new One Plus                                     8 smartphone was a major success as a virtual event. Virtual events will be the future in order                                     to tackle the problems faced by event companies. A few of these are as follows:    1. In-person events are cancelled for sure we don’t know until when.  2. Large gatherings will be a source of stigma even when offline events are back.  3. The events industry is vulnerable to another pandemic/flu scare.  4. The impending recession/ financial depression will hit hard on all industries.    Coronavirus is like the perfect storm and it took us and the whole world by surprise. Our level                                     of preparedness for something like this was to be very blunt laughable.    Events and event management are high-on-adrenaline affairs in themselves. The in-person                       dynamic makes events so irreplaceable and awesome. This however also tends to act as the                               greatest vulnerability of the industry that there is a whole myriad of things that could go                                 wrong and in fact will go wrong. Miniscule issues from mics not working to improper catering                                 arrangements to catastrophic problems like your keynote speaker being AWOL.

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These situations demand or rather long for a system in place which makes the events                               ecosystem even more resilient robust and realistically smoother. The coronavirus pandemic is                         the perfect net practise for the event industry to put in place the seamless transition of offline                                   to online. The biggest thing we can do is build up virtual event systems which create a holistic                                     experience for all. Granted a lot of things can and will go wrong with virtual events but this                                     right here is the time for us to truly experiment and put in place newer better systems to                                     manage events in a much better fashion.    The world has changed and our thinking needs to change along with it. We need to find a way                                       to preserve what makes in-person events great while using virtual as a backbone that makes                               events more resilient. Events need to take advantage of the limitless reach of digital channels                               to build communities and audiences that wouldn’t have been possible a few years ago. The big                                 question is how do we get there  Everyone is aware of the famous meeting app Zoom or similar web conferencing apps which                               are now being used across the world to stay in touch. Virtual dates/dinners via zoom have felt                                   larger than life. It gives a warm fuzzy feeling to see a loved one and knowing they’re alright.                                     Events however go beyond the simple conference call. Virtual event experiences are a far                             superior way to conduct important business discussions and discussing the way to navigate                           business problems through and after coronavirus.  Principles for Virtual Events   There are total three core principles for vital events that every event management firm should                               look at covering.  ● Turn-key  The first thing you will hear when u pitch virtual events is we don’t know jack about                                   them and neither are we comfortable with the same. The setup and integration should                             be so seamless. The basic thing that needs to be addressed is logging in from any                                 device making the platform seam easy to use via any virtual experience device.    ● Immersive  The event should be at the fingertips of your attendees in a virtual environment. They                               should control what they see what they do and who they talk to. Everything should at                                 the end come together in such a fashion that it feels like you are attending something                                 worth your while.    ● Multitasking  great events energize attendees by creating experiences encouraging learning and

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catalyzing opportunities. You’re never doing just one thing you’re fully engaged and                         trying to take advantage of the time as best you can. A great virtual event platform will                                   enable that same desire and ability to multitask.  The events industry isn’t dead and never will be it just has a new face i.e. virtual events.                                     Virtual events have eliminated the need for so much hassle involved in travelling coordination                             not to mention the energy drained after conducting an event. Let’s beat corona and beat the                                 problems it poses to our economy.  Original Source: ​https://thefunmedia.com/news/upholding-the-resilience-of-events-after-covid-19

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