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If you are planning any event, here are some important things to follow to drive engagement at your next event. To know more, check the PPT.


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16 Ways An Event App Can Drive Attendee Engagement At Corporate Events:

16 Ways An Event App Can Drive Attendee Engagement At Corporate Events

What’s An Event App?:

What’s An Event App? An event app is a powerful channel to drive attendee engagement at a public conference or event. It’s primary objective is to provide all necessary information concerning the event, making it readily accessible for your target audience.

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Modern event apps are power-packed with valuable features for assuring the attendee convenience & improved attendee engagement. A dedicated event app boosts interactivity among potential attendees and provides various functionalities for effective attendee engagement, transforming public meet into a mega big-brand event.

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Highly Targeted Marketing You can easily create and customise guest lists based on the interest levels of the participants and have great attendee engagement.

Push Notifications At Will:

Push Notifications At Will With advanced deep linking within event apps from providers like AIDA, you can even link polls, contests, surveys and more in a push notification. Driving engagement up is as easy as a tap on the screen.

Effective Communication:

Effective Communication An app can be productively used to promote the event to your specified audience. This establishes efficient communication between you and your audience thus, saving time & money .

Establish Attendee Network:

Establish Attendee Network An event app provides an organiser with the ability to create an attendee network, where your participants can connect with one another and share their thoughts. Attendees can post on the activity wall, chat with each other, participate and compete in contests and take advantage of the matchmaking functions of the event app.

Easy Event App Customisation:

Easy Event App Customisation Event app will provide event organiser with many great features that make the customisation of the event easy, helping them engage their attendees with a razor sharp focus . With AIDA drag and drop event app builder, customization of the app on the fly is a breeze and changes re fle ct instantaneously in attendee’s event app.

Instant Content Updates:

Instant Content Updates With instant updates, you don’t have any difficulties connecting with your audience. With the event app, content can be updated instantaneously and without the attendees having to update their apps.

Multi-track & Personalised Agenda:

Multi-track & Personalised Agenda Event apps let attendees save their favourite sessions to a personalized agenda. Advanced event apps can also send attendees personalised reminders before their favourite sessions are about to start.

Social Media Promotion:

Social Media Promotion Content in the event app can be posted to popular social media channels (like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.) therefore you have a powerful marketing opportunity.

Get More Organised:

Get More Organised With an attendee engagement app, you can get more organised as it involves scheduling every minute detail , spanning from speakers, location, sponsors and so on. With just one glance you will be able to find the information you want, avoiding any sort of confusion. Schedule

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Managing Multiple Events An event app will give you the power to keep a tab on each and every event with just a few clicks.

Obtain Feedback:

Obtain Feedback Once the participant has attended the event, they can go back to the event app to rate their experiences. The feedback you get can be analysed for creating a more tailored events in future.

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Live Polling This feature gives attendees the power to have their say in the event through live polling.

Event App Gamification:

Event App Gamification Grant points and badges to attendees that post on the wall, participate in the polls and surveys, play treasure hunts and visit exhibitors . It’s all possible with event apps. A few good prizes for top contributors will go a long way to boost engagement at your event.

Lead Generation:

Lead Generation A simple scan of a potential lead’s QR code via the app adds them to your contacts and the system sends you the entire list you have collected at the tap of a button. No more lost business cards!

Monetising The Event:

Monetising The Event You can easily add sponsor ads and banners, sponsor splash screens and other sponsor specific sections to the application in a seamless manner. This showcases your sponsors to their potential customers and, facilitates conversation and engagement between the two.

Event Analytics & Reporting:

Event Analytics & Reporting This includes analysing virtual poll results, likes, speaker ratings and much more. This will help you create more impactful and engaging content for your next event.


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