Complications of amputation

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This presentation is meant to review the major complications of amputations. Basics are revised so that the complication rate can be further minimized in Department of Orthopaedics, Benazir bhutto Hospital,Rawalpindi, Pakistan.


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COMPLICATIONS of AMPUTATION By Dr. Muhammad Ahsan Qurban Malik House Surgeon (Rawalians Batch 35 th ), Department of ORTHOPAEDIC SURGERY, ( RAWALPINDI MEDICAL COLLEGE ), BENAZIR BHUTTO Hospital , Rawalpindi , Pakistan

Hematoma :

Hematoma A hematoma can delay wound healing and serve as a culture medium for bacterial infection.

Can be Prevented By:

Can be Prevented By Securing hemostasis Use of a drain

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If the hematoma is associated with delayed wound healing, it should be evacuated.


Infection Any wound infection should be treated with open wound management . irrigation and debridement (if necessary)

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Antibiotics should be used according to results of C/S reports

Contractures :

Contractures Contractures of the joints of amputation stump can occur.

Can be prevented by:

Can be prevented by proper positioning of the stump gentle passive stretching having the patient engage in exercises to strengthen the muscles controlling the joint.

Phantom Limb pain:

Phantom Limb pain Phantom limb is the sensation of still being able to feel the amputated limb.

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Most amputees experience this sensation, although the intensity can vary from person to person. 

Residual limb pain:

Residual limb pain It is often caused by a poorly fitting prosthesis.

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The stump should be evaluated for areas of abnormal pressure, especially over bony prominences.

low back pain:

low back pain It is more prevalent in amputees than in the general population.

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patients must be instructed on proper prosthetic ambulation to minimize abnormal stresses on the lumbar spine.

Dermatological Problems :

Dermatological Problems Contact Dermatitis Bacterial folliculitis

Contact dermatitis:

Contact dermatitis It presents with intense itching and burning when wearing the socket.

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It is caused by several agents which are used in making prosthetic materials It includes nickel, chromates used in leathers, antioxidants in rubber

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Treatment consists of removal of the irritant and use of steroid creams.

Bacterial folliculitis:

Bacterial folliculitis It occurs in areas of hairy, oily skin. It can be prevented by improving hygiene of the patient

Psychological impact of Amputation:

Psychological impact of Amputation Loss of a limb can have a considerable psychological impact.

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Many people who have had an amputation report feeling emotions such as grief and bereavement

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Social support by family, friends and Social Support groups is very important for such patients.

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If the symptoms persist, patient can be referred to a Psychiatrist

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