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TIG and stick welding both need dedication and concentration in order to become an expert in those fields. With the right tips, you will be on the right track to being a professional.


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How To Use Stick Welder And A TIG Welder

Stick Welding :

Stick Welding If you are an amateur, then it is important you have some knowledge on how to go about your first weld successfully. The Stick Welder can cause a lot of harm so you should follow the steps outlined very carefully ; Clean the materials you are going to weld. It will be more effective if you prepare the materials you are planning to weld by using a normal clean rug to wipe off any outer stain that may be present on the metals. You can also grind together the particular sides you are going to weld; this makes the material get penetrated easily . Create a connection. Join the lead to the metal you are welding. This is the step whereby you also set the amperage depending on the electrodes you are planning to use. If you are not sure what to set, use the recommended amperage that is printed on the box.

TIG Welding:

TIG Welding This type of welding, unlike using ARC welders, requires that you have a lot of practice in order for you to be pro efficient in its use. Here are some tips to assist you in using TIG Welders ; Choose the right tungsten. You may need to change the tungsten to make it suitable for the surface you are welding. It is common to see people using the red kind for all kinds of surfaces; however, it is important you choose the appropriate size for the material you are welding .

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