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History Of Airplanes:

History Of Airplanes By : Aaron Holloman

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The first historical flight took place on December 17 th , 1903 and the flight was by none other than the Wright Brothers at Kitty Hawk. In 1907, a European by the name of Albertos Santos-Dumont from France flew 722 feet in his 14-Bis; This was Europe’s first successful powered aircraft flight. The Wright Brothers became the first real celebrities of the twentieth century because of their excellent performances in the air.

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The first airplane that was flown was a glider, a glider is a non-motorized flying machine that was very hard to control and early models of the glider had to be launched from high places like cliffs and floated on the wind to the ground. In 1911, Calbriath Rodgers made the first flight across the United States, he started this flight at Sheepshead Bay, New York to Long Beach, California.

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In 1963, the X-15 was the first aircraft to touch the edge of space (100 km), and in 1983 the Space Shuttle became the first fixed-wing craft to orbit the Earth. In 2004 Spaceship One made several sub-orbital flights, becoming the first privately-built aircraft to fly in space.

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In 1911, the American inventor and aviator Glenn Curtis introduced the first practical seaplane, this airplane was basically a bi-plane with a large float beneath the center of the lower wing, and two smaller floats beneath the tips of the lower wing. In 1909 Louis Bleriot who had crossed the English Channel on July 25, 1909 invented the monoplane.

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