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Very Informative Presentation On 3G Wireless Technology... All Important Details regarding 3G technology are given in this presentation... !


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3G Wireless Technology:

3G Wireless Technology Presentation By : Salman Ahmed



What Is 3G :

What Is 3G 3G is the Third Generation Of Wireless Technology 3G is mostly used With Mobile Phones and Handsets


THE THIRD GENERATION (3G) Faster Communication Services Which Include.. Voice FAX Internet with Seamless Global Roaming


History Introduced In 1990 By ITU ( International Telecommunication Union) Japan was the First Country to Implement 3G Available To Public Under The Name Of IMT-2000

Why 3G Technology:

Why 3G Technology Higher Bandwith Enables A Range Of New Applications For Consumers Video Streaming , TV Broadcast Video Calls, Video Clips – News, Music , Sports Enhanced Gaming, Chat, Location Services For Business High Speed Teleworking Video Conferencing Real Time Financial Information

Successful 3G Implementation Requires::

Successful 3G Implementation Requires: Standard For Services Service Provider Infrastructure 3G – Compatible Handsets 3G Services From Service Provider

Some Of The Companies Working With 3G:

Some Of The Companies Working With 3G

Effects Of 3G ::

Effects Of 3G : Mobile Internet Connectivity Mobile Email Mobile Interview Multimedia Services such as, Digital Photos taken and shared Via Wireless Handsets Wireless Application Downloading

Issues Hampering 3G Growth ::

Issues Hampering 3G Growth : High Spectrum Licensing Fees For 3G Services Huge Capital Required To Build Infrastructure For 3G Services Health Impact Because Of Electro-magnetic Waves Prices Are Very High For Mobile 3G Services Takes Time To Catch Up As The Service Is New Will 2G Users Switch To 3G


Conclusion: 3G Services Will add Invaluable Dimension For The Integral Part Of Modern World In Near Future, Mobility Will Be Considered As an Add On : It Will Become A Fundamental aspect Development Of 3G Networks Will Continue And Pick up Pace In Near Future

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