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LIPOMAX atorvastatin calcium Marketing plan Ahmed Radwan J1 (North Jeddah)

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Content - Market overview. - Mission. - Objectives. - SWOT Analysis. - Strategies. - Tactics. Metrics. Budget.

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Market overview Atorvastatin molecules sells by 228,686,596 S.R. Pfizer’s expect to lose 25,000,000 $ of Lipitor sales in first year. Astatin which is first generic distributed in the market sell in first quarter 6,000,000 S.R.(2,500,000 S.R. LPO + 3,500,000 S.R. Private).

Atorvastatin quarters 2007 : 

Atorvastatin quarters 2007 N.B.: lipitor losses 4% MS in last quarter. LPO: Astatin takes 7% MS from Lipitor. Private: Lipitor losses 32% MS(20% Astatin + 12% atorva). bSlide 18

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2 1 3 LIPOMAX Mission: Market leader in atorvastatin generics.

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Objective: - Achieve 20% MS by end of fourth quarter. - First year sales of 140,000 boxes. - Lipomax sells by 20,000,000 S.R. - 100% awareness amongst all targeting physicians. Orders Rx

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External Opportunities & Threats Internal Strengths & Weaknesses Knowing the needs & wants of customers - Building a strategy to serve customers

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1)People Actions: 1- PERFORMANCE FRONTIER course. 2- ABCD incentive scheme. 3-Foucsing with Lipomax. 4-Medical Training. 5- Star program. (growth) institution

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2)Product Actions: 1-positioning. 2- A.V. action 2\med rep\month. 3- Cooperation in first with OLMETEC team. 4- Bounce scheme.

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3)Programs Deals. Scientific Training. Star program. TTM training. PERFORMANCE FRONTIER course.

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A)Physician Actions: 1- A.V. action Japanese Quality. 2-Cooperation in first with Olmetec team (specially in any services). 3-Coverge all doctors (awareness for all). 4- Arrange visits to the Factory for the KOL’s physicians. 5- Focus on the quality and affordable price.

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B)Pharmacists Actions: 1- A.V. action Japanese Quality. 2-SPP for Lipomax alone. 3-Enlisting in hospitals and making deals (INSURANCE). 4- Arrange visits to the Factory for the KOL’s Pharmacists. 5- Focus on the quality and affordable price.

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C)Patient Relationship marketing. Using patients healthcare educational tools.

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2)Competitors Actions: 1-SPP for Lipomax alone. 2-Enlisting in hospitals and making deals (INSURANCE). 3- Deals with hospitals and polyclinics. 4- Clinical trials. 5-Stock pressure in potential centers.

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STRATEGIES Targeting: all the cardiologists, internists and Gps in KSA are the target customers and also Pharmacists. Positioning: Lipomax is the top quality atorvastatin with Japanese technology plus affordable price. Pricing: Lipomax 10mg = 92.25 S.R. Lipomax 20mg =147.70 S.R. Lipomax 40mg =159.90 S.R. Marketing Activities: advertising campaign to build brand awareness and to differentiate the product from other competitors.


DIFFERENTIATION The act of designing a set of meaningful differences to distinguish SAJA offering from other competitor offering. This could be achieved through: Lipomax Japanese philosophy which gives confidence and power. Personal differentiation: better trained people and knowledgeable people than other generics. Service differentiation: Our SAJA offer is not just atorvastatin generic, it’s the all value that we add to our customers; quality product; trained people; presentations, perfect relationship with customers and scientific support. Price and bonus.

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TACTICS Heavy promotion to target customers (doctors and pharmacists), field visits to top dr. prescribe Lipomax. Right target and right message. (field visits) Enlist in hospitals and making deals Each Med. Rep. Make a list for top 30 dr. for each area. (frontier ) Clinical trials 30 dr.\Med. Rep. (30 pts.)

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-Every medical rep will be asked to make 2 A.V. meeting every month. -Regular feed back. -Brochures that will be presented during the sales calls; firstly the brochure will contain brief data about the product comparing it with atorvastatin brand, after that flyers contain selling points & all powerful studies .  -Branded gifts will be presented to the all targeting doctors reminding them of the drug.

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Metrics 1-Achievement of the sales target: 1’st quarter 15% 2’nd 25% 3’rd 25% 4’Th 35%. 2-Achieve 20% market share by value. 3-Introducing Lipomax in health insurance. 4-A.V. action\month. Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Phase 1 Phase 4 Phase 3 Phase 2

Budgeting : 

Budgeting q       Marketing activities: 600,000 S.R. q       Brochures: 22,500 S.R. q       Sponsorship: 300,000 S.R. q       Rep lead A.V. meetings: 250,000 S.R. q      Gifts: 22,500 S.R. q       TOTAL: 1,200,000 S.R.

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Small things makes Big differences.

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lipitor sales b




1-PERFORMANCE FRONTIER FIELD OBSERVATIONS Observations: Overall, Performance Frontier rep. exhibit more than double the instances of key skills/knowledge, and the quality is better (not mechanical). Key Ratios-Performance Frontier vs. Average 8 to 1 taking call notes 5 to 1 problem solver 4 to1 probing skills 3 to 1 developing relationships 2 to1 excellent communicator

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Step1 - Identify the customer’s current position on the treatment adoption life Cycle for product: Step 2 – Identify key information about the customer’s current treatment paradigm Step 3-Identify the customer’s thinking preference. b Step 4- Feedback

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ABCD Incentive: A B C D MS SALES GROWTH bSlide 9

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ITRAZOL 100mg Slide 16b

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