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Employee Right To Know: 

Employee Right To Know MacNeil Environmental Inc.

What is a Hazard?: 

What is a Hazard? Short or Long Term Negative Health Effects

Permissible Exposure Limit(PEL): 

Permissible Exposure Limit(PEL) Amount you are allowed to be exposed to. Standard set by OSHA Chemicals must be labeled

Health Hazards: 

Health Hazards Inhalation Absorption Ingestion Contact with the eyes or mucous membrane

Coming Changes: 

Coming Changes Globally Harmonized System- (GHS) Adopted by the United Nations Provides International Standards

SDS Sheets: 

SDS Sheets Safety Data Sheet



Current Requirements: 

Current Requirements

Material Safety Data Sheets: 

Material Safety Data Sheets Know where MSDS sheets are kept File MSDS sheets in a binder

MSDS Binders: 

MSDS Binders Index page in front cover Alphabetized

MSDS Sheet info: 

MSDS Sheet info Product name and ID # Reactivity and health hazards Flammability and explosion potential Corrosivity and special precaution before use.

Emergency Eyewash: 

Emergency Eyewash Post within a 10 second walk Flush for 15 minutes!

Right to Know: 

Right to Know



Image References: 

Image References http://apievangelist.com/buildingblocks/soap_api.php wikimedia creative commons-Lye Burn, GHS symbols www.cchos.ca www.docstoc.com www.zazzle.com

MacNeil Environmental Inc.: 

MacNeil Environmental Inc. 112 NW 5 th Ave, Grand Rapids, MN 55744 218-999-7009 Groffice@mac-env.com