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Photo booths are the most entertaining part of wedding and other events especially for the guest. But many of us are not familiar with the main purpose of having a photo booth in an event. Get in to learn more about photo booths since the history. If you still have queries or need to hire a photo booth rental in Temecula visit: https://www.4ahhsnap.com/


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What is a Photo Booth? Presented By: Ahh Snap Photo Booth www.4ahhsnap.com

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A photo booth is a small curtained booth carrying an automated or usually a coin operated film processor to produce photos without a photographer. The first photo booth took a strip of four pictures. www.4ahhsnap.com

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First machine was invented by Anatol Josepho in 1925 and it took only four pictures without a photographer. Later he invented another coin operated machine called “ Photomaton ” that produce 8 strips of photos in a minute. Soon photo booths become popular and started sprouting up in every event in America . In 1990, Photo-me company started using digital color photo booth utilizing a computer and a printer. At present, digital photography, software, and printing, photo booths have made a huge comeback.  What History Says? www.4ahhsnap.com

Photo booth in Two Types:

Photo booth in Two Types Passport photo booths: Most of the photo booth generates passport photos. Coin operated machines prints photo in specific passport format and multiple copies can be printed. Photo sticker booths: Photo sticker booths are special booths that produce photo stickers and have huge popularity in Japan. www.4ahhsnap.com

Why you should have a Photo Booth?:

Why you should have a Photo Booth? Whereas the photographers provide a service, the photo booth offers you fun amazing entertaining options. It gives a chance to everyone to pose in front of the camera. Photo booths let’s you print the photos instantly without long waits . Props are usually provided by the photo booths to have fun trying different gestures that are not included in normal photography . www.4ahhsnap.com

Photo Booth Events:

Photo Booth Events Meetings and Get Together Fairs & Festivals Business Events Weddings Parties www.4ahhsnap.com

Tips to Have a Great Photo Booth Experience:

Tips to Have a Great Photo Booth Experience Choose the type of photo booth you prefer. Determine what structure will best suit you . Match your wedding theme with your photo booth style . Always go for a self contained photo booth that has own setting equipments . Check out if the photo booth is providing any extra features to entertain the guest waiting outside the booth . Find out how many people can fit in the photo booth at one time to ensure group photo shoots . Ask the provider about the prints of the photos. Whether the guests will able to receive printouts of images right after their photo is taken or if they’ll have to take them from somewhere else . www.4ahhsnap.com

Photo Booth Rentals:

Photo Booth Rentals Now a days, entrepreneurs began renting machines or photo booths with different styles of photography and ideas including props and tools. It’s a great way to entertain your guest and send everyone home with beautiful keepsakes. Digital photo booths makes it possible to have any number of instant prints of your fun moments. www.4ahhsnap.com

Ahh Snap Photo Booths:

Ahh Snap Photo Booths Ahh Snap Photo booths is committed to providing unforgettable memories for any event, Temecula Valley, Inland Empire, San Diego, Orange County. We provide customized and professional service for you and your guest. Contact us : Ahh Snap Photo Booths Po box 892942 rancho California RD Temecula, California www.4ahhsnap.com Call: +1 760-715-9612 Email: bookit@4ahhsnap.com www.4ahhsnap.com

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