Dictionary Skills and Guide Words 2nd grade

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Dictionary Skills and Guide Words:

Dictionary Skills and Guide Words

The Dictionary:

The Dictionary Can tell us how to spell words Can tell us how to pronounce words Can tell us what a word means (Give the definition) Can tell us how a word can be used in a sentence

The Dictionary:

The Dictionary Words are in ABC order Sometimes you have to look at more than the first letter to find a word in the right place

Guide words :

Guide words Guide words are at the top of each page Guide words tell you the first word on a page and the last word on the page Guide words help you find the word you need quicker

celebrate - chair:

celebrate - chair celebrate center cereal certain chain chair All of these words are found on the same page in the dictionary

rat real :

rat real read mouse raw baby stop

live – lock:

live – lock loaf log like line list

The Library:

The Library Labels on the shelves are like guide words. Books are put in the shelves in ABC order using the authors’ last names.

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