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Learning Management System :

Learning Management System How we can bring 21 st Century Teaching and Learning to our school By: Abby Hanes


RCAMPUS RCampus is a comprehensive Education Management System and a collaborative learning environment. At RCampus , you can do all your school-related work from building personal and group websites to managing your courses, eportfolios , academic communities, and much more. (2011)

What can RCampus offer us?:

What can RCampus offer us?


eportfolios Both teachers and students can create eportfolios . Students can create learning portfolios to showcase their work and share with others. Teachers can keep track of assessments and students assignments

Free Learning and Course management:

Free Learning and Course management Teachers can create all courses online and invite students to be a part of the course. Grades, coursework, discussions and communications can be kept here in Rcampus .


Rubrics Rcampus offers free rubrics. With these rubrics, teachers can communicate expectations to students about classwork . The rubrics can automatically calculate scores and be communicated in detail to the students.

Free websites :

Free websites Both students and teachers can create websites. A class website can be created for things such as publishing students work and communicating with one another.

If you aren’t yet convinced…:

If you aren’t yet convinced… Rcampus is… FREE! SECURE! EASY & QUICK LIFELONG

RCAMPUS: bringing 21st Century Teaching and Learning to our School:

RCAMPUS: bringing 21 st Century Teaching and Learning to our School Thank you for your time  ANY QUESTIONS???

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