Effects of Unhygienic Water Supply at Schools


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INTRODUCTION Water Hygiene and water sanitation is a must for everyone and their importance can never be overstated Impure and dirty drinking water can be a cause of a lot of health-related issues The effect of unhygienic water is manifold in an individual’s day-to-day life Children spend much of their time at school. The school administration must provide them with clean drinking water facility

Effects of Drinking Unhygienic Water :

Effects of Drinking Unhygienic Water Impure water can affect an individual in a million ways Some are immediate while some take some time to show their effects They cause equal harm to the body

Children and Unhygienic Water:

Children and Unhygienic Water The water needs of children are very high Their lifestyle demands hydration constantly and water is essential for the normal growth of internal organs and tissues Thus , clean and safe drinking water in school is a must

School and Sanitation :

School and Sanitation Water sanitation and hygiene in schools is a task that must be judiciously taken care off School sanitation standards must be so that includes clean drinking water facility for all They must also install a water purifier machine on their premises in order to purify water and provide safe drinking water

Effect of Poor Sanitation :

Effect of Poor Sanitation If the school sanitation standards are not met, the effect of poor sanitation can be very harmful A school plays a pivotal role in shaping a child’s thinking and approach The sanitation and the environment that the school provides can set a benchmark in a student’s life TO KNOW MORE CLICK HERE


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