Why RO System is Actually Good for You

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Aquaclan is manufacturer of commercial Water Purifiers, Water Dispensers, watercoolers and RO systems. We are in the field of water purification for more than 30 years. We are major suppliers of commercial water purifies to most of the Hospitals, Educational Institutions, Industries and NGO’s. Our main focus is to supply quality machines for water purification.


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INTRODUCTION Reverse osmosis water filtration systems has become its synonymous with water purifier systems. There is a difference between the word “Xerox” and “Copy ”. In the same manner, people think that the water purification system and  reverse osmosis system  are identical .

Removing Harmful Salts :

Removing Harmful S alts The Ro purifiers employ the process of reverse osmosis to get this done .   Reverse osmosis  is the process where a solution of higher concentration is passed through a semi-permeable membrane to a region of lower concentration by applying external pressure . Water if not treated with reverse osmosis technology, can be lethal.

Dissolved Impurities and Killing Germs :

Dissolved I mpurities and Killing G erms The water flowing through the river beds, streams and mountains carry a lot of dissolved impurities and disease-causing germs . W ater P urifiers are the most effective way to get rid of dissolved impurities and germs from the water . This eliminates the use of a UV or Ozone technology and proving that RO purifiers have got everything covered to make your water safe for drinking.

Retaining Good Salts and Providing Great Taste :

Retaining Good S alts and Providing G reat T aste The RO purifiers not only make the water safe for drinking but also provide great taste to the water . The taste of the water is due to the presence of mineral salts Ro water purifier companies  offer a TDS filter attached to  reverse osmosis plant  to control and regulate the number of salts that is filtered .


The maximum TDS (Total Dissolved Salts) value of safe drinking water as set by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) is 500 ppm. The reverse osmosis systems for homes will make sure that the health of your family is safeguarded from all forms of water-borne diseases . The RO purifiers thereby standing testimony to the age-old proverb,” Health is wealth”


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