Discussing Airbnb’s Plus & its future scope for entrepreneurs


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Let us discuss Airbnb's Plus and its future scope briefly explained for entrepreneurs & start up vendors how to succeed on the vacation rental market.


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Discussing about Airbnb’s Plus its future scope

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Airbnb Plus It is a new tier technology for homes on Airbnb that have been verified for quality and comfort Provides guest service 100 superior hosts earn more better Inspired by both Airbnb’s hosts guests

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What Airbnb plus features to hosts guests For guests Airbnb plus assures a quality experience beautiful homes that have been verified with certain Airbnb’s guidelines For hosts it’s an opportunity to stand out on the market and also makes hosts retaining customers so easy

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How to make a home Airbnb Plus Airbnb plus certifies a home for quality comfort To make a home Airbnb Plus hosts need to meet certain standard guidelines the home will be inspected by Airbnb in person over 100 points covering design amenities and hospitality

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Price range for Airbnb Plus homes: Once a home certified for quality from Airbnb then the average value of home is 250 USD/night It may extend upto 500 USD based on the property style and convenience This Airbnb plus feature made a stride on vacation rental market helped hosts to earn better

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Where we can get Airbnb Plus homes Right now there are 2000 Airbnb Plus homes available in top-tier 13 cities In Future Airbnb aimed to have over 75000 homes across world wide market

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How Airbnb keeps a hot always Due to the balanced and authentic review system Airbnb keeps no.1 position in vacation rental markets Recently The tech giant google has started including the home listings for its hotel search feature. This feature from google helps a host in multiple ways like earning online visibility customer binding... This update grasps many industry people B2B startups organization on investing vacation rental business

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Airbnb’s success strategies ➔ Selling the experience rather than the venue ➔ Creating a strong content to back up the portfolio ➔ Investing in Professional Quality pictures ➔ Setting up a community standard ➔ Practical pricing policy Briefly explained here Reasons for the success of Airbnb

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Scope for future entrepreneurs Even though Airbnb is one of the leading vacation rental service provider out there they do not have total control of the market. This means that entrepreneurs who can build businesses based on Airbnb model will be able to seize control of a sizable piece of the market It is predicted that no company will have the total monopoly over the sharing economy so whoever provides customers the best they can stand out on the market

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Final bite The “sharing economy” is a huge basket resides with a lot of opportunities for entrepreneurs Those entrepreneurs who wish to be a part of this growing economy starting a business like Airbnb can look at the best industry software Burrow – vacation rental software Brings you an exact clone version of Airbnb business model by saving your high-priced time and money

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