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Accessibility: Meaningful Use:

Accessibility: Meaningful Use By: Amy Goulart

What is it?:

What is it? How Teachers ensure it is effective in and out of classrooms. Once students have access how is it effective. Digital divide in technology. School Home


Benefits If a child has enough access then they will be able to do more things. Technology is becoming more common so every student needs the access. It allows students and education to improve.

Funding is Essential:

Funding is Essential In order for my topic to be effective we need funding. Send laptops home with students. If not able to send laptops home the students who don’t have computers won’t be able to have access at home.

Parents have Access:

Parents have Access Parents having access can ensure them to be able to check grades and email teachers. By bringing laptops home parents can monitor what their child is doing.

Making sure it’s Effective:

Making sure it’s Effective Being able to check laptops out at school, to take home. Have teachers be able to see what students are doing Having parents monitor

What accessibility offers:

What accessibility offers Educational websites Power points/Prezi Microsoft excel Microsoft word

Opportunities for Others:

Opportunities for Others Ipads for students with learning disabilities Students who struggle with learning through normal teaching

Future Use:

Future Use Have children further their education Learning technology early on will help students later when in college Learning programs will help students for college.

Other Options:

Other Options Computer labs Interactive whiteboards Ipads Projector

Special Needs:

Special Needs Ipads teaching students Translators Voice recognition Braille keyboards Hand-eye coordination


Internet Information/Knowledge Mixed cultures Cheaper form of entertainment Online schooling Working from home Translators


Summary Overall the topic about accessibility and meaningful use is really important. I t helps students later in life to prepare for college and F unding is important to keep accessibility going. We need to stay away from the digital divide.


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