Aging - When The Skin Becomes More Demanding

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Conditions and state of the skin remain changes several times in the course of our lives. In childhood the skin is usually fine and tender, tends to be rather greasy during teenage, young mature depending on the equipment dry, oily, or by the mixed skin type for more info visit


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Aging - When The Skin Becomes More Demanding :

Aging - When The Skin Becomes More Demanding

Aging - State and Conditions Of Skin :

Aging - State and Conditions Of Skin Conditions and state of the skin remain changes several times in the course of our lives. In childhood the skin is usually fine and tender, tends to be rather greasy during teenage, young mature depending on the equipment dry, oily, or by the mixed skin type. But all these different skin types can be "challenging" in the course of life. "Sophisticated" or "mature" skin describes the terms elegant aging skin. The natural aging process can at some point: are any skins to the demanding, mature or atrophic skin. When the aging process is committed and the skin need, dry, sensitive - a Word is "demanding", depends on various factors.

The Speed of Aging :

The Speed of Aging Every organism ages, because you cannot change unfortunately. The speed of aging operations but varies from person to person. Especially early signs of aging on the skin are visible. First age characters can occur twenty sometimes with end. Already in this age the speed of cell division decreases and fades the regeneration ability of skin cells. The skin is then increasingly thin, red veins can shine through more and more. You will lose elasticity, first wrinkles around the eyes and in the discreet occur. The circulation of the skin and hence the supply of oxygen and nutrients is worse. At the end of the thirtieth year of life begins the "maturation process" of the skin. Depending on the way of life, already deeper wrinkles and extensive wrinkles can conditionally caused by changes in the connective tissue. The skin relief can be total coarser pores larger. In addition, the skin becomes dry, because the sebaceous glands produce less and less fat with age. Also the skin ability to bind moisture decreases. Dry skin tends often to feeling of tension, redness and itching. Mature, demanding skin is more sensitive and vulnerable as a juvenile or oily. It is also more prone to drying out eczema and infections and tends increasingly to the formation of pigment spots .

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The menopause (menopause,), in which most women between mid-coming forty and fifty Center have a particularly strong influence on the skin texture. The declining production of female hormones leads to many changes in the female body, which express themselves in body and soul: the skin loses its elasticity; many women now also increasingly suffer from hair loss. Hot flashes, insomnia and depression affect psychological well-being and the risk for osteoporosis and atherosclerosis is growing due to the hormone deficiency. A drop of in estrogen levels is to blame for these complaints. The production of the hormone in the ovaries decreases between the age of 35 and 45. Already, at the beginning of menopause, the mirror is reduced even further. Menopause, women thus inevitably come in a hormonal deficiency state. Already a few months after the beginning of menopause many women notice that more wrinkles occur, decreases the firmness of the skin and moisture and elasticity is lost. Already shortly after the beginning of the menopause decreases the thickness of the skin, the blood circulation is poor, the skin appears pale and sallow.

Time Aging - Aging of the Light :

Time Aging - Aging of the Light Whether the aging sooner or later uses, we part ourselves in the hand. Sunlight, poor nutrition and nicotine are factors that can be rapidly age our skin. We differentiate between two types of skin aging: The aging of the time = intrinsic aging The aging of the light = extrinsic aging. The ageing of the time describes the natural aging of the skin. This is usually relatively slowly. Causes of this intrinsic aging are in addition to our genetic material especially so called free radicals and hormone deficiency.

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The ageing of the light, however, is the aging of the time with seven mile boots ahead. You can notice that on your own body. Compare body parts, rarely exposed the Sun, such as stomach and butt, with the skin on the face and hands. You can find probably clear skin determination. The UV light is responsible for the ageing of the light to 90%. To a lesser extent, smoking, cold, wind, heat and other environmental factors contribute to the acceleration of the aging of the skin. Light impaired skin can be with thirty years "challenging" and an appropriately intensive care need. The elastic and collagen fibers of connective tissue are damaged by years of exposure to sun rays. This weakening of the skin's own "support structures" is a major cause of the formation of wrinkles. Even outwardly differs in "intrinsically" from the "extrinsically" aged skin. The former is very thin, vulnerable, wrinkled and dry. Translucent tubes are typical of this thin and atrophic skin. The latter is thickened, limp, showing increased pigment changes and tends more to itching.

Smoking Makes Us Old Faster :

Smoking Makes Us Old Faster In addition to sunlight, nicotine is the second main reason for the accelerated extrinsic skin ageing. The skin of smokers looks generally older than the skin of non-smokers . Researchers from the United Kingdom now found the scientific explanation for this: the skin of a smoker contains higher concentrations of a certain protein that destroyed the supporting Collagen fibers in the connective tissue. This lack of skin elasticity ages faster. Researchers have observed that smokers more wound healing disorders cause after plastic surgery. As a result of bad skin condition of smokers, some clinics reject it with heavy smokers who quit at least four weeks before surgery with smoking, to conduct a plastic surgery.

Eating Properly Can Delay The Formation of Wrinkles :

Eating Properly Can Delay The Formation of Wrinkles The diet contributes to a large extent on the State of our skin. Nutrition seems to be one of the secrets of a smooth, soft skin. Australian researchers have found that people who often eat fish, vegetables, legumes and low-fat dairy products, have fewer wrinkles. 453 People over 70 years were interviewed for the study, which was published in the magazine "New Scientist", after their eating habits. That was in addition amount and depth of wrinkles on the face and hands - in body areas that often are exposed the Sun - determined via photomicrography. The food ingredients seemed effective against wrinkles calcium, zinc, vitamin C, magnesium, phosphorus and iron accordingly. Study reveals that participants who frequently ate sweets, meat and butter, had the most wrinkles. Just as the people who often put out the Sun and smoked.

Measures Against Wrinkles :

Measures Against Wrinkles

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Light protection Sun is the biggest enemy of the smooth skin. Therefore a day care with a high sun protection factor in the UV-B and UV-A is area especially for the demanding skin important. Care By carefully to the type of skin care products, the signs of aging can delay or even reduce within certain limits. Rich products with high-quality active ingredients are particularly important for demanding skin. They should strengthen the barrier function, protect, smooth wrinkles, regenerating effect and "mending" influence on skin damage. Fruit acid products In particular the thickened by Sun and smoking a pre-aged skin speaks off very well to treatment with fruit acids. The stratum layer is narrowed as a result; the skin becomes again brighter.

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Hormones Hormone deficiency state can speed up the formation of wrinkles! Workaround can create here an exceptionally, individually tailored gift of missing hormones by the gynecologists. The skin shows especially good on a hormonal treatment when it is very thin and vulnerable (intrinsically aged skin). Vitamins Various vitamins are known in orthomolecular medicine, which can delay the ageing of the skin. The vitamins A and E are particularly important.

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Vitamin A, the fountain of youth for skin: Vitamin A is important in particular of the cells of the skin for the normal development of tissues. It smoothes the skin and prevents dehydration and dandruff. It also provides strong hair and nails. Vitamin A belongs to the Group of the so called antioxidants because it can capture harmful free radicals in the body. Vitamin A is found in its biologically active form only in animal foods such as egg yolks, milk, butter, fish oil and fish. The recommended daily amount of vitamin A is 0.8 to 1.8 mg. Beta carotene is a precursor of vitamin and is converted into the intestine to vitamin A. Beta carotene is included in almost all green, yellow and orange fruits and vegetables such as lamb's lettuce, broccoli, avocado, spinach, Zucchini, green cabbage, carrot, paprika, tomato, pumpkin, apricot, mango, melon, papaya, peach mushrooms and legumes. The recommended daily amount of beta carotene is higher than that for pure vitamin A and is 2 to 4 mg.

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Vitamin E, the old-age protection: Vitamin E protects our body from the attack of so called "free radicals" caused by smoking, alcohol and UV rays. These aggressive substances are jointly responsible for that age cells and formations of wrinkles. Vitamin E provides sufficient moisture for the skin, making it smooth and supple and ensures a sufficient blood flow. In addition, it has a calming and anti-inflammatory effect. Vitamin E almost contains in most of the best wrinkle cream . Vitamin E is found in: cucumber (with skin), cauliflower, kale, spinach, zucchini (with skin), avocados, dates, nuts, mango, and in wheat germ oil, corn oil, safflower oil, sunflower oil, olive oil, grape seed oil, germs. The recommended daily requirement of vitamin E is 15 mg. Don’t forget to for more info.

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