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Online Food ordering app by Agicent App Development Company


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An App Development Company turning your ideas into awesome Mobile Apps! iOS | Android | Web | Games | Design

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Mobile Apps Development Company Agicent Presents Food Truck NearBy iOS and Android Apps Available On:

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A free App, which can be used by food truck lovers and vendors alike across the globe to find nearby food trucks and order food on the go.

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App Requirement An LA, California based Client needed to build a robust app based food ordering system, which users can use to order a variety food while moving as well as for food truck providers to delivery while being mobile.

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The Challenge The App was needed to be using location, battery and other resources of the device accurately, and it should sync between iPhone & Android devices smoothly; the whole ordering process was needed to be as simple as booking a taxi from Uber.

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The Solution Agicent worked right from the beginning in making project requirements technically complaint, and analysed the user behaviour across other ordering apps to understand the critical areas. Then proposed variations of UI/UX, created high performing iOS & Android apps for both consumers & food providers, a powerful backend & admin to manage everything automatically & manually too if needed.

What Agicent Does:

What Ag i cent Does Agicent is one of the most trusted App Development Companies for startups and App entrepreneurs. Hire App Developers from Agicent for fixed price project, or hourly. You may use this tool to calculate Cost of Mobile Apps Development (Click on the text). Or, read more on how to hire OS Developer s or hire Android developers from Agicent. Send App Inquiries to:- Email: | Phone: +1-347-467-1098, +91-120-4564529

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Agicent performed superbly well, and did everything needed to turn our idea into a quality food ordering app. I recommend them to everyone looking for an app development company. Mr. S. Agarwal Founder, Foodtrucknearby LLC “

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Thank You for watching... Please send App Inquiries to:- Email: | Phone: +1-347-467-1098, +91-120-4564529

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