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Sneaker heads:

Sneaker heads The culture, the art, the style, the obsession By: Nicolas Morris


What? Many people are confused as to what a sneaker head is, or what they do. Here are a few ways we categorize ourselves. People who collect sneakers because a sense of memorabilia People who collect sneakers to possibly resale one day. People who love the designs of certain sneakers, and just want a personal collection of their own. People who just genuinely admire the sneakers and culture.


Why? There are many different reasons for people being sneaker heads. From their favorite athlete, how much they like a sneaker, seeing the attention you can receive from them, or just a person who loves to collect things. It’s a case of all of the above for me.

Trading, Buying, Selling.:

Trading, Buying, Selling. Trading, buying, and selling sneakers is and can be as important as buying a car. Almost every city has a solid sneaker head community. We all find each other by seeing each other wearing rare kicks, online, school, or work. If any of us have sneakers the other are interested in a rigorous test begins. Sneakers are judged to be bought, traded, and sold through these methods. Sneakers worth are judged by if they’re DS (dead stock/never worn), how many times they’ve been worn, and how rare they are. How old a sneaker is another factor in the worth of a sneaker. A particular event that may have happened in the sneaker can determine worth as well

What Sneakers do Sneakerheads go after?:

What Sneakers do Sneakerheads go after? There is so much popularity around Air Jordan’s, but the truth is it is completely up to the collector. There are plenty of different brands collectors go for. Common brands among sneakerheads are: Air Jordan Nike ( Foamposite , Air Max, Kobe, Lebron , Dunks, Air Force Ones, etc.) Bathing Ape Vans Reebok

The Culture :

The Culture The culture is anywhere from talking to collectors hundreds of miles away online, having a group a sneakerhead friends, or the casual meetings at sneaker events. All of this will help sneakerheads do the following. Learn more about the history of sneakers, culture, and worth Make more connections inside the sneaker culture. Make a sell or buy something new. Make friends


Deadstock This is one of the most important words in the sneaker world. It means never worn or never tried on. Some people don’t believe in leaving shoes DS, but there are some who will leave shoes DS for years, 10+ years, even more. This has both positives and negatives. Positives: It keeps the shoe clean and in pristine condition (if done properly) They’ll be worth more Negatives: You never can use the shoe for it’s sole purpose…….WEARING THEM! If poorly taken care if can cause the shoe to deteriorate worse than if you wore them. DS 1999 Air Jordan 4

Camping Out:

Camping Out There are times when certain sneakers take over the spirit of a sneakerhead. Almost as if they’re possessed. When this happens sneakerheads are willing to do just about anything to get their hands on them. That’s where camping out comes in. Here is a quick overview of how you should go about camping out. Get there early (the earlier the better) Be prepared. No one once to lose their spot in line due to hunger, a bathroom break, or forgetting your cell phone. Go with friends. The more the merrier. If one of you can’t go in the other can help you out. Charge your cell phone. You’ll need a full charge, because you will be out there for awhile.

Ways to Buy/Cost:

Ways to Buy/Cost The sneakerhead lifestyle can get expensive. Not all sneakers are as expensive as others, but they can be pricey. Here are ways to buy sneakers. Go to your local mall’s sneaker stores. You’ll most likely pay retail which can be anywhere between ($80-$200) depending on what shoe you’re buying. Search online(eBay, Amazon, Sole Collector, etc.) You may find a good price or a higher price than retail. Depends on rarity on if the shoe is sold out. Ask around. Friends, social networks, or even a employee at shoe stores.

What makes a sneaker rare?:

What makes a sneaker rare? Some shoes may just have a special meaning to someone, or they may simply like a color way or color scheme for it to be rare to them, but sneakers are usually judged on how rare they are through these ways. How many pairs were made The theme of the shoe (outer space, NASA, a movie, a character, a tribute, etc. Who designed or customized the pair If a athlete won or did something special in the sneakers. (EX: Michael Jordan played in a pair of his black and red Jordan 12’s, while he had the flu. He was told to stop, but he didn’t. He went on to score 79 points.)

Giving Back:

Giving Back It’s no secret that the sneakerhead lifestyle can be expensive. Some people feel that most of us are selfish or self-centered, but there are plenty of ways sneakerheads give back to those less fortunate. The Dorenbecher Foundation. This helps sick children with unique or incurable diseases design a Air Jordan or Nike to their own liking and style. All proceeds go to them and paying for research for their cure. Goodwill. A lot of sneakerheads donate older shoes or shoes not need to Goodwill. Donating shoes to victims of tragedy. Sneaker websites often set up funds and giveaways to those who through terrible storms or tragedies of mother nature.

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