Warning Lights on Your Vehicle's Dashboard You Shouldn’t Ignore

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What do you do if a dashboard warning light comes on? Our experts at "A & G Customs" decode what each dashboard warning light means and how to respond when they're triggered. Read: http://www.agcustoms.net/blog/23-vehicle-warning-lights-do-not-ignore


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13 Warning Lights on Your Vehicle Dashboard You Shouldn’t Ignore:

1 3 Warning Lights on Your Vehicle Dashboard You Shouldn’t Ignore

What Do Different Warning Lights Indicate?:

What Do Different Warning Lights Indicate? Modern day cars are filled with electronic sensors, the sole purpose of which is to make your life easier. The warning lights on your dashboard, powered by these sensors, have premonitions that you can rely on.

1. Check Engine Light:

1. Check Engine Light A steady check engine light indicates a problem, but not an emergent one. If it’s blinking, it indicates a serious engine fault. The engine could be misfiring, causing more damage to the car’s system as you continue driving.

2. Coolant Warning Light:

2 . Coolant Warning Light Coolant is the fluid that keeps your engine cooled down for proper functioning of your vehicle. The coolant warning light indicates low coolant levels.

3. Oil Pressure Warning Light:

3. Oil Pressure Warning Light It could indicate either of these four: High oil temperature Low oil level Low oil pressure Engine problem

4. Battery Change Warning Light:

4 . Battery Change Warning Light The warning light indicates that your car doesn’t have sufficient electrical power and it can come to a halt anytime due to that.

5. Transmission Temperature:

5 . Transmission Temperature It indicates that the temperature of the transmission fuel is higher than it should be.

6. Tire Pressure Monitoring System Light:

6 . Tire Pressure Monitoring System Light Earlier present in super expensive cars, nowadays more and more cars have TPMS sensor that indicate low pressure in the tires or a puncture.

7. Brake System:

7 . Brake System The light indicates an issue with the braking system of your car. Easiest to fix issue could be that you left the handbrake on.

8. Reduced Power Warning Light:

8 . Reduced Power Warning Light It indicates that the engine output power is lower than usual.

9. Gas Cap:

9 . Gas Cap It indicates that you need to fasten your gas cap properly.

10. Lamp Out:

10. Lamp Out It indicates the failure of an exterior light of your vehicle.

11. Air Bag Warning Light:

11. Air Bag Warning Light If the airbag warning light is on, it means they are at fault.

12. Fog Lamp:

12. Fog Lamp It’s not much of a warning light. It just tells you that the fog lights of the vehicle are on.

13. Power Steering Warning Light:

13. Power Steering Warning Light It indicates a fault in the steering system, which usually makes it heavy causing problems in changing directions, especially while you’re driving at slow speed.

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