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We present ourselves Agate Export & Natural Agate as the leading quarries owner and Manufacturer, Exporters & Wholesale Suppliers Of Metaphysical Products, New Age Products, Gemstone Products, And All Indian Products since year 1990. Metaphysical Products & Gemstone Products :- Healing Sticks, Healing Wand, Beaded Necklace, Agate Necklace, Tumble Stone Necklace, Beaded Pendulum, Metal Pendulum, Tumbled Stones, Stone Bowls, Gem Trees, Pyramids, Agate Bowls, Ball, Agate Pencil, Gemstone Faceted Pencils, Star, Jumbo, Massage Stick, Obelisks, Spheres & Eggs, Worry Stone, Agate Arrowheads, Rune set, Mercaba stars, Merkaba Star, Carved Stone, Hearts, Cross, Drop, Faceted Drop, Gemstone Arrowheads, Gemstone Donuts, Tumbled Chips Un-Drilled, Shiva Lingam, Natural tumbled stones, Dyed tumble stones, Tumble Stone Nugget, Rough stone, Fossil Stones, Agate Tumbled tiles, Agate Chips ,Agate Bagger Necklaces, Chips Necklaces, Agate Bracelet, Crystal beads, Cabochons, Druzy pendants, Carved pendants, Agate door handles, Carved agate bowls, Metal Key chain, Velvet Pouch, Stone Power Bracelet, Onyx Plate, Stone Belt, Agate Clock, Chakra Stones, Etc.

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Agate Arrowheads Agate Rough-Slices Chakra & Reiki Sets Chakra Jewellery Crystals Point FengShui -Metaphysical Gemstone Beads Gemstone Bracelets Gemstone Necklace Gifts & Handicraft Healing Wands Pendants & Cabochons Silver Jewelery Spheres & Pyramids Tumbled Stone

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Today Agate Export & Natural Agate are prominent name for the supply of Gemstone products in all over the world. Our Quality Standard & Competitive prices are better than other Exporters due to own Quarries & Processing Plants.

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Website : Company name : Agate Export contact Name : Imran Khan / Nasir khan call us on : 0091-9998346135 /,0091-8141113576 91-2698-221916 You can email us on : Address : Agate House, Bandra Buraj , Near Kothi Building, Khambhat-388620 Gujarat, INDIA

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