Properties of Triangles

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Properties of Triangles : 

Properties of Triangles Kunal Agarwal

Angle Sum Property of triangles. : 

Angle Sum Property of triangles. * Sum of all the angles of the triangle is always equal to 180°. A B C Hence Proved

Exterior Angle Property of a Triangle : 

Exterior Angle Property of a Triangle A B C D

Triangle Inequality Property : 

Triangle Inequality Property Sum of the two sides of the triangle is always greater than the third side. C A B AB+BC > AC A B B C C A C AC is smaller than AB+BC, Hence property is proved.

Pythagoras Theorem : 

Pythagoras Theorem The sqare of the hypotenuse (the longest side in a right triangle) is equal to the sum of the squares of the remaining two sides of the triangle. A B C ( AC) 2 = (AB) 2 + (BC) 2 Hypotenuse 2 = Perpendicular 2 + Base 2 Base Perpendicular Hypotenuse

Pythagoras Theorem : 

Pythagoras Theorem

Made By Kunal Agarwal : 

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